Philips MCD988 - 2.1 DVD Home Cinema System - With 2 Disc Changer, HDMI 1080i Upscaling & DivX £179.99 Delivered

Philips MCD988 - 2.1 DVD Home Cinema System - With 2 Disc Changer, HDMI 1080i Upscaling & DivX £179.99 Delivered

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Found 19th Dec 2007
I think this may be a mis price as it should be about £400 (If im wrong, sorry first post) Anyway ive ordered one

Play DVD, DivX®, (S)VCD, MP3-CD, WMA-CD, CD(RW) & Picture CD
Dual-DVD changer for continuous movie enjoyment
1080i HDMI with high definition video upconversion
Progressive Scan component video for optimised image quality
Dolby Virtual Speaker for theatre audio experience
Dolby Digital for ultimate movie experience
Philips Moving Surround Sound for a superb sound experience
Digital Sound Control for optimised music style settings
Total power 400W RMS with an active subwoofer
View photos and listen to music directly from USB devices
Remote control to adjust the speakers to an optimal position
Stylish slim design with table-stand and wall-mount options
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Bargain !!!
Had a quick look and found one at £299 , some at £400!! looks like Amazon have priced it wrong
Seems like an excellent price.



EDIT: Couldn't find a decent review anywhere for this product, but I also found it at the same price at two other online retailers, ]BestBuys2U and ] Haven't heard of either of them mind.
Looks like these companies have something to do with Amazon.

Super hot deal:thumbsup:

Price on Philips site £399.99

Will check price later on:whistling:
I think those 2 sites are just a front end for amazon, I think its too new for a review, it only came out a few weeks ago. Hope the price does go up
A detailed leaflet with photos and tech specs ]HERE

Great price and looks superb especially as I cant face all those wires for surround speakers however wont this be out of date soon as true HD DVD players (rather than upscalers) come down in price? Also looking at the list of would I link a Sky HD box to this to get the best sound? Advice greatfully received
looks good, has anyone got one as I can't find a review..?
anyone knows if you can hook a xbox?
I need a good 2.1 for my room, and this looks to be the cheapes/nicest looking spec-wise around right now. Does the dvd player act as an amp for this? Can you feed in the analogue/optical audio from a 360 to it?
No digital inputs => no use for 360, PS3 etc.

No digital inputs => no use for 360, PS3 etc.

How bizarre not having an optical input!
It does have a Digital COAX input, you just need a converter, like this to change the optical out on a XBOX/PS3 into coax.…5m1

Its got a COAX Digital in, you just need a converter to convert the Optical signal into a COAX, you can get them for about a tenner at Maplins
Hmmm. I'm interested. Only for playing dvd movies - no XBox.

So whats 'Upscaling'. Whats the connection with HD TV?


assuming connection to a hd ready tv, using a hdmi connection the player will "upscale" the picture resolution to near hd quality. if you have a standard dvd player the tv will upscale the picture to the best of its abilities but usually the upscaling done by the dvd player is much better. i recently bought the Which? (or What Hi Fi) best upscaling DVD player for under £100, the Samsung HD870 from Laskys for £57 delivered. picture quality is much better. not as good as a proper HD DVD or Blu-Ray player but much cheaper.

the speakers on this system aren't as big as they look in the picture.
i looked at this system but the lack of inputs put me off. i went for the Sony HTS1100. £200 on the net if you can find one in stock. (doesnt include a dvd player but you do get 6 speakers and a slimline amp/receiver)
Hi, Anyone got theirs yet?
no problem , does look a absolute bargin for the money ... any one who bought this can you tell me if the speakers are wall mountable ?
Still for sale at Amazon and now reduced £149. Has anyone got one? If so is it any good
looks even more appealing now its dropped £30
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