Philips Power2Go Rechargable Power Pack £19.95 delivered was £29.34 @ ASDA

Philips Power2Go Rechargable Power Pack £19.95 delivered was £29.34 @ ASDA

SuperEd 2
Found 22nd Jan 2009

Power in your Pocket

Charge your portable devices anywhere!
With this compact power pack you never have to run out of power on trains, at airports, at stations or wherever there is no wall outlet available. Don't be left powerless - take charge anytime, anywhere! Work, talk or play for as long as you like.

Provides up to 30 hours of portable power
This power solution provides an easy way to avoid ever running out of power with any of your portable devices on the go. When fully charged, this power solution is able to provide up to 30 hours of power without the need of a power outlet.
Connector tips are included for most brands
Due to the interchangeable connector tips that are included, this device is fully compatible with most portable devices from a very wide range of brands. Simply choose the connector tip to match your portable device.

Designed For Your Convenience

LED indication for charging status
Via the illuminated LEDs, you are informed about the charging status of your device. When all LEDs are illuminated you know your device is fully charged, so you can unplug it from the power outlet and prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
LEDs indicate the remaining battery capacityWhen you press the test button, the LED battery capacity indicator shows you how much power is remaining and when it's time to recharge.
Handy travel bag included for storage and transportation
The travel bag supplied with this device is both convenient and useful as it provides extra protection.
Retractable cable
When you're not using the power solution, the cable can be retracted automatically, preventing annoying tangles.

Enjoy Complete Reassurance

Built-in overcharge protection
Once they are charged, a protection circuit ensures no more power is provided to the batteries of your portable device.


Original Poster SuperEd

Fell to £15 then went out of stock.

Its 5.6v for 2000mAh - so basically pretty similar to a battery extender with 4 oldish spec 2000mAh AA batteries that would offer 4.8v or with standard AA batteries which would offer 6v.

You would be cheaper buying a USB battery extender - and shoving in 4 x 2700mAh AA batteries which would offer longer running times if your kit runs happily on 4.8v

But HOT for the lack of hassle if it returns to stock at £15.
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