Philips QC5170 Mains Rechargeable Hairclipper - £19.99, free delivery, Amazon.

Philips QC5170 Mains Rechargeable Hairclipper - £19.99, free delivery, Amazon.

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Specifically designed for self-use; patented 180 degree rotating head; rechargeable and mains--up to 100 minutes cordless operation

2 combs for length settings: 0-10 mm and 10-20 mm

Steel wave blade technology for great results; extra strong motor; self-sharpening stainless steel blades

With the precision trimmer, you can create any style you want

Contour following comb; corded or cordless operation; operates with and without power cord

Just bought this as a Christmas present for my folically challenged brother (at his request!). They seem very good with some great reviews. Great price seeing as they go for anywhere up to £50 elsewhere.


It's got mostly good feedback on amazon, but honestly, I don't know what people's problem is with an ordinary cutter. I have used a Whal hair cutter for some years now on my own and never needed another person. I personally would buy a good make cutter (like Wahl Pro) instead.

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Just pricematching the £19.99 offer in Argos.…604

Still a good deal though if you don't want to travel out to get it.

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had one of these for couple of years, best battery cutter I've had, great for my beard and occasionally cut my hair with it, battery lasts for ages but not as powerful as a mains powered Wahl or similar, but good deal voted hot

Bargain, better deal than Argos as delivery included

bargain, i managed to get one for 14 quid during black friday, i must say they are worth the money, really easy to cut my hair which was very thick

A god send for me. I have thick hair which was made easy to shave off. Recommended most definately.

I've had this for years and saved a fortune at the barber! Cuts well and very easy to use.

These are really good! After using one for a few weeks i bought a 2nd, so I had a spare. Now I don't have to beg my wife to cut my hair, I can manage easily on my own with this.

If you are even reading this, you should take the plunge and make the purchase!!

They are good clippers but after a while the blades snap, just through use thou. Not sure if you buy new blades

I Love mine. super light, nice and small, wireless and there isn ot loads of bits to miss place. It works so well i actualy had to force myself to stop cutting it was so easy. I cut my hair faster than my girlfriend did the dishes.

Very good clipper. Use one myself and
Bought one for my dad but he'll probably still get the mother to cut his...lazy. Same deal as Argos but free delivery which is handy.

I own one and they are average, I have since bought a WAHL and they are much better than this. By the way this isnt hot as I bought these for the same price last year.

Excellent clipper, the battery lasts ages between charges and a cracking deal.

I take it this is no good for a number 4 back and sides and short on top then?

If you want a suede head then your sorted?

Had one of these for over a year now and its ace,

you can change settings from 1 to 21mm just like most clippers so you can choose what style u like
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