Philips RQ1095 Arcitec Rotary Shaver £133.73 @ Amazon (was £250) with Free Delivery

Philips RQ1095 Arcitec Rotary Shaver £133.73 @ Amazon (was £250) with Free Delivery

Found 24th Dec 2008
Amazing Price (-47%) for this brilliant shaver!


I've bought one of these from Amazon and it arrived this morning! (even though it stated it was too late for Xmas delivery!) Don't know why people voting cold - it's an excellent deal as it's £193 in Boots

Hot from me. Is this is cheaper somewhere else or is the usual "anything that isn't cheap **** isn't a deal" attitude?

175 delivered at, this is now 119.99 at Amazon. That sounds hot to me
It must have had another 4% shaved off (lolol) the price today.

Kinda surprised that this isn't warmer than this? :?
It's £55 cheaper than the nearest rival, this is the top of the range arcitec model in carbon fibre. I ordered it as soon as I saw it at 119.99. Brilliant price but, as RSteve says, most here would rather cut their face to pieces with a packet of bics :roll:

Not seen it at 119 or 133 at amazon now 156 not voted gutted missed at 119

Yeah, it was 133.73, then it dropped to 119.99. Sold out and jumped to 179.99 + p/p. I can't believe I looked at exactly the right moment!
The trimmer is not as good as on the HS8020 (believe it or not!) but the shaver itself is in another league.
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