Philips SBD7500 Fidelio iPod/iPhone Docking Speaker @ Play  -  £44.99

Philips SBD7500 Fidelio iPod/iPhone Docking Speaker @ Play - £44.99

Found 17th Jan 2012
Alternatively, buy from Expansys (£53.99) and use Paypal voucher code 15PAYPAL for £15 off bringing it to £38.99, although it says Ordered on Request.

Great price for this, £79.90 at Amazon and a lot more elsewhere.
Brilliant reviews, very popular. Just check out the Amazon reviews!

Was browsing in Currys and PC World a few months back and seeing this for around £100, had my eyes on it but went for the £50 DS3020 as it was more affordable for me. I would have grabbed this if it was this price back then!

Spent quite a while trying to find a decent iPod dock and only found the Philips ones to have good sound quality, much better than anything else in that price range.

Obessed with Sound - Designed to go places.

Dock any iPod/iPhone, even in its case
Smartly designed spring-loaded docking port effortlessly accommodates any iPod or iPhone, without special adaptors. What's more, it works even when most protective cases are on just dock your iPod or iPhone as it is. Now you can truly have fuss-free enjoyment of your music.

wOOx technology for rich yet precise bass without distortion
wOOx technology is a revolutionary loudspeaker concept that allows you to hear and feel profoundly deep bass that is richer than any other audio system. Special speaker drivers work in harmony with the wOOx bass radiator, and precise tuning between the main driver and the tweeter ensures smooth transitions from low-mid to high frequencies. Dual suspension and a totally symmetrical sandwich construction deliver low and precise base without noticeable distortion. wOOx produces exceptionally deep and dynamic bass by using the speaker box full volume to truly magnify the impact of the music.

DBB to preserve low tones for deep bass at any volume level
Dynamic Bass Boost maximises your music enjoyment by emphasising the bass content of the music throughout the range of volume settings - from low to high at the touch of a button! Bottom-end bass frequencies usually get lost when the volume is set at a low level. To counteract this, Dynamic Bass Boost can be switched on to boost bass levels, so you can enjoy consistent sound even when you turn down the volume.

Sound enhancement: Dynamic Bass Boost, wOOx Technology
Sound system: stereo
Volume control: up/down
Output power: 10 W RMS
Speaker drivers: Neodymium magnet system
Aux in: Yes
Cables/Connection: AC-DC adapter, MP3 Link cable
Charging device: iPhone, iPod
Power supply: battery, 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Battery type: AA size (LR6)
Number of batteries: 4
Battery lifetime: 8 hr
Compatible with: iPod, iPod mini, iPod with colour display, iPod classic, iPod nano 1st generation, iPod nano 2nd generation, iPod nano 3rd generation, iPod touch, iPod nano 4th generation, iPod touch 2nd generation, iPod nano 5th generation, iPod touch 2nd gen 8/16/32 GB, iPod 5th generation iPhone compatibility
Compatible with: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars Great bit of kit

Ordered as a gift and turned out to be a great piece of kit. Battery or mains power so easy to move around the home. Arrived with a power supply fault so returned for replacement. Doesn't stop this being a good purchase.

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars Excellent

I recently purchase philips docking speaker. I was browsing this website. Normally I look at customers reviews 1st. I took chance on it.
It very powerful and valve for money. Great to travel with or just to having at home from room to room. Excellent purchase
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Thats not the right link but this looks like great deal. Although the Expansys code is invalid.…1-1

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Very good
Got one of these from PC world clearence store recently. Can confirm that sound quality is very reasonable for the price. It doesn't charge the IPAD but is compatable. Very good value at this price. Heat added.

Thats not the right link but this looks like great deal. Although the … Thats not the right link but this looks like great deal. Although the Expansys code is invalid.[][/url]

cheers just fixed it
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