Philips SCD530 Baby Monitor with Temperature/Humidity Sensor - Top of the Range - 50% off - £49.99 Instore @ ToysRus

Philips SCD530 Baby Monitor with Temperature/Humidity Sensor - Top of the Range - 50% off - £49.99 Instore @ ToysRus

Found 1st Nov 2010
This is a top of the range Philips baby monitor at a very low cost (I've never seen it below £70, and I've had my eye on it for the last 6 months).

You cannot buy the lower model (the SCD520 - without the humidity sensor or on base temperature LCD) for less than this.

This Philips Avent baby monitor ensures that you hear your baby in crystal clear clarity without interference. An ideal way to keep a careful check on baby or toddler, whilst giving you the peace of mind and freedom to get on with other things around the home.

Your baby’s peaceful relaxation can be easily affected by even the slightest variations in climate, so it provides you with real time digital temperature and humidity readings live from your baby’s room. For total baby comfort and parental reassurance, the portable parent unit allows you to set the temperature monitor to instantly alert you, either by sound or vibration, to any variations which are outside the pre-set level.

It has recently been superseded by the SCD535 (who's only difference is slightly reduced energy consumption when in use at lower distance), so it looks like ToysRus/BabiesRus are discontinuing them.

What the SCD535 has on top of the SCD530 - worth £50 extra?:
The ECO mode has been developed to enable you to reduce your energy consumption. Monitoring your baby from a short distance requires less power than monitoring your baby from a larger distance. When you monitor your baby from a short distance, you can activate the ECO mode. By switching on the ECO mode, your baby monitor uses less energy and is therefore more environmentally-friendly.

This is instore only, but you could try reserve and collect and maybe get 3% TCP/Quidco.


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Link to Philip's Spec Page:…=US

Amazon's price for this over the last 230 days.

Lowest Cost: £66.66 (for 10 days in May 2010, and 3 days in June 2010)

Has been ~£85 since.


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For the over cautious mom who worries about the humidity in the babies room 24/7 and gets up 200 times a night and sticks a mirror in the kids face to see if its still breathing, It might be cheap but apart from the monitor its a stupid bit of kit women have been having babies since people roamed the earth without knowing the humidity and temperature of the child room.


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I'd have thought that after 4 years on this site you'd have grasped the concept.

You said it yourself.


It might be cheap but...Cold.

You can't buy the lesser model (the one without the humidity sensor or the temperature displayed on the base unit) for cheaper than this one.

This is the cheapest you can buy this monitor for, therefore, hot.
You can't even buy the next model down for cheaper, therefore, hot.

On a side note, women have also been having babies since people roamed the earth without medical expertise, doesn't mean to say you refuse said care now.

Anyway you've already said the deal is cheap, so justified my post.
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Hot deal. Whether this monitor is OTT or not is beside the point (I personally don't see the point in humidity function). It's cheap so it's a deal in my eyes. Voted hot.

How on earth did children survive before this?


How on earth did children survive before this?

To be fair, some didn't ....
With most 'healthy ' babies this may be overkill ...
BUT having just had a daughter weighing in at two pounds,that stops breathing every now and then ... .... I'd want to know conditions are right for her...
( having said that what I've learned about baby care in hospital this week has amazed me,I knew breast milk was better,i just didn't get how much better ... and as for baby wipes .. if the Special Care Unit say's they are a waste of money then i'm happy to go with that .
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