Philips SE1503 Trio phones - £37.47  @ Tesco

Philips SE1503 Trio phones - £37.47 @ Tesco

Found 2nd Oct 2009
Went in to my local Tesco today, saw these at better than half price. They are exclusive to Tesco, but they are a wonderful phone (bought them a while ago) with good clear reception.

You get three handsets with these with no answer phone, we did not want one.


Price & retailers name in the title is handy... thanks

Bad reviews

We've had two sets of Philips phones and both suffered from what I understand is a chronic problem.

The audibility was terrible - which sort of negates the purpose of them. I couldn't hear what was being said and the caller could hardly hear me. This was on two different sets (from Currys and Argos).

Maybe it was just my luck.

Steer well clear of Philips cordless phones.

I nearly bought them when I saw them, but computer reviews have said 'No', so I'm looking for something that is reputedly better. Not voting hot or cold, though on the surface it's a hot deal, just concerned, and didn't want to get burned.
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