Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Pods coffee machine £24.75 @ Tesco in store

Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Pods coffee machine £24.75 @ Tesco in store

Found 25th Nov 2015
Check your local tesco for a bargain, they go for about £70-90 elsewhere.
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Great machine. Have had one myself for about a year. Dark roast Senseo pads make a lovely espresso, and when not on 2x18 packs for £5 in Tesco, are pretty cheap on when you buy 180+ pads at a time.
Bought one of these for my folks a couple of years back and no regrets (already have several Senseo machines in family/friends).
Thought initially that could only take smaller/squarer "quadrante" style/mugs cups but no such problem in reality.

Seems Philips have given up on Senseo machines now, and just ordered a new/fresh water tank for my folks machine - at £15 delivered ie 60% of an entire new machine & JUST for a tank! Would have got them a new machine if I'd have known - and had a local Tesco with one

Our local Tesco still sells the yellow Americano pads (20 mugs worth) for £4 with occasional 3 for £10
and local Waitrose the red All Day (20 mugs) for £4 too
otherwise get the pods/pads in bulk from Holland - eg
(though Lidl have long since moved on to clones of other machine types)

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Coffee duck allows you to use whatever ground coffee you want instead of the pods.
We use our a few times a day brilliant machine, get my pods at at half the cost of the UK, sometimes even cheaper , last lot i paid £13 for 180 pods
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Direct coffee pods are quite good to
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