Philips Series 5000 Body Groomer - BG2034/13 - from Amazon - £30 delivered

Philips Series 5000 Body Groomer - BG2034/13 - from Amazon - £30 delivered

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Are you (or your partner) a hairy beast? Well fear not, help is in easy reach with the Philips Series 5000 Body Groomer.

Dropped down in price again at Amazon.



Shave and trim while protecting your skin with the Philips series 5000 Bodygroom shaver,

even in hard-to-reach areas. 100% waterproof for use in the shower,

this hypo-allergenic shaver features rounded tips to prevent skin

irritation. Attach the extra-long handle for fuss-free back grooming.

  • Confidently trim or shave all body areas: Use the back attachment

    to conveniently remove back hair. The skin comfort system with rounded

    tips also protects your skin while shaving

  • Uniquely designed with a bidirectional trimmer: This tool makes

    it possible to catch and cut hairs even when they grow in different


  • Create your own style: Attach the combs onto the shaving system

    to trim hair to fixed length settings of 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm or use

    without the combs for a closer result

  • Run time: up to 50 minutes of cordless use per charge

  • 100% showerproof for a comfortable and close result in and out of the shower

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Heat for pic, lol
Credit to…tl/ for the hot chewie pic. On the product side; it's around £10 less than Boots and John Lewis.
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Remember watching a documentary some years back on this American chap who was going around the world looking for are a hirsute woman /. Partner. From his investigations, he determined that Iranian women were the hairiest, but as an American he didn’t there go there! Guess he would recoil at such a deal!
Heat from me, lol
It's £40 for me, now.
ourjim59 m ago

It's £40 for me, now.

Thanks .. Expired now.
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