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Philips Shaver Series 3000 Dry and Wet Electric Shaver (Model S3233/52) £54.99 @ Amazon

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I've been looking for this for a while, it's the cheapest I've personally seen it
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    Are these any good with wet shaves?
    Yes they are good with wet shaves I’ve had a few Phillips shavers now and noticed the quality has slowly but surely gone down unfortunately not the price.
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    I bought one of these recently and I find it under powered and doesn’t give a good shave and leaves my skin sore so wouldn’t recommend.
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    This is the normal price for it. On 3 camels it shows that the put the price up occationally but it is this price most of the time.
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    RRP £80, although often can find it discounted. Elsewhere in this website it is listed at £65.

    Its a good shaver - even compared to faster ones, it has the same mechanics as the 5000 series although more bulky. It spins slower than previous models however the shave for me is just as good, and a lot better than the copycat shavers which have faster spin speeds.

    The advantage of the slower speed is longer battery life, which is very good. (edited)
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    I got one and it just doesn’t work for me. Usually use it for a quick once over just to trim down if I have left it too long then use a manual. Wouldn’t recommend it