Philips Sonicare HX6431/46 HydroClean Toothbrush  £24.95

Philips Sonicare HX6431/46 HydroClean Toothbrush £24.95

Found 18th Jun 2008
Cheapest Sonicare I can find although does seem to be around this price on other sites but they all charge delivery. Must be a fairly new brush, have never seen it before anyway. Have been using a sonicare for years now, this might not be the most amazing deal but might be good if your looking for a new brush,.

Manufacturer's Description

Brush head with uniquely designed paddles

Sonic technology plus the specially designed HydroClean brush head pushes fluids between teeth

Patented sonic technology creates a dynamic fluid action

Patented sonic technology creates the dynamic fluid action

Consistent Brushing Performance

Optimal performance while batteries discharge

Unique slim angled neck for better plaque removal

Unique slim angled neck for better plaque removal in hard-to-reach areas


Got mine today and it's very good. Much better than the rechargeable sonic toothbrush I bought a few year ago from Tesco Direct. I'm quite pleased that it has AA batteries as it always seems to be the batteries in rechargeables that fail and make the devices unserviecable.

are these toothbrushes good?


are these toothbrushes good?

Well can't compare it to the £50 sonicares because I've never used one but it knocks the socks off the no-name sonic rechargeable I got from Tesco Direct a couple of years ago. I'm pleased - I now have squeaky clean teeth. :-D (shows shiny teeth)
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