Philips Sonicare HX8931/10 5 Series £37.50 at Tesco Free Click + Collect

Philips Sonicare HX8931/10 5 Series £37.50 at Tesco Free Click + Collect

Found 15th Dec 2017
This is the cheapest I've found. Tesco and Debenhams selling for £75, none on Amazon and Philips suggested retail price is £150!

Hope this helps someone!

I don't know when this deal ends. From past experience, prices can change overnight. It did with the replacement toothbrush heads.

Update - I've updated the link to Tesco as John Lewis is out of stock (Thanks to Dumbstruck) & Tesco price matching now (Thanks to tonez) -…prd
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How is the sonicare verse the oral b?
Not a bad deal.
I started using Oral B and then switched to Sonicare a few years ago when there was an offer of £20 for a Sonicare toothbrush. It vibrates faster than Oral B (although the new ones now might rival that) and my teeth did feel cleaner. Our dentist recommended it. It's good if you use it properly. From my experience I wouldn't recommend it to teens who refuse to follow instructions as mine used it in a brushing motion which worn their enamel out faster! This is only my opinion though.
I’d always used sonicare then switched to oral b. In all honesty the oral b felt like a toy compared to the sonicare.

The oral b was promptly put in a draw and another sonicare ordered.
£34.99 @ amazon....cold from me
I agree I buy the oral b for the kids but I only use sonicare they are the best. Brill price for one too I’ve always paid around £40 for mine.
Mr.Benn8 h, 9 m ago

£34.99 @ amazon....cold from me

Please share the link

Thank you
Tesco's are selling this for the same price but you get a better warranty on this deal.…ers
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I have had both, and I prefer the Sonicare brush.
I had a Sonicare, then TWO Oral B toothbrushes, that would not charge, despite the first only a couple of months old, they sent a new one, but that only lasted a week!
Returned to Sonicare last week, so glad I did xxx
Sonicare are the best toothbrushes I’ve owned. Brush replacements can be expensive though.
Thanks OP. Excellent deal.
Another poster mentioned it was on Amazon for same price but I couldn't find it. Perhaps they could add the link to those who don't wish to purchase from John Lewis. Many thanks…prd
Same price at Tesco. Now out of stock at John Lewis...
Out of stock
Can you get the round heads for sonicare
I don't think there are round heads for sonicare I've not seen one anyway
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