PHILIPS SONICARE Toothbrush ... £12.50 @ Asda

PHILIPS SONICARE Toothbrush ... £12.50 @ Asda

Found 13th Aug 2016
PHILIPS SONICARE Toothbrush ... £12.50

includes ProResults heads are soft on teeth and gums, but effective on plaque

... superior ITEM .. for daily DENTAL HYGIENE

"Sonicare ProResults brush heads is proven to remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

.. and you can make this into their newest Diamond Clean by ordering yourself 4 additional Brush Heads

4Pcs Toothbrush Brush Heads for Philips Sonicare DiamondClean HX6064 or 6074 for the 'smaller Diamond Brush size' via EBAY e.g. item No. 371686200889 for just £ 1.59 for the Package incl Postage!!
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very good price
Which store, please?


​didnt think they had asda in the south of france
My dentist has advised me to get rid of my sonic in favour of a braun oral-b or colgate round brush as the twisting action is better at cleaning.

The Sonicare PowerUp models aren't as good as the regular brushes, be aware. They're so bad they might put you off the rest of the Sonicare range.…002

....This model does up to 15,000 strokes a minute, whereas the next … ....This model does up to 15,000 strokes a minute, whereas the next "basic" model up, the Easyclean HX6511 is 31,000 - same as the more expensive HealthyWhite which is a fantastic brush (I'm on my second) - also the DiamondClean is rated at 31,000.From reviews for the Green version HX3110: " is branded Sonicare, but its not a real Sonicare (lower spec mechanism), hence the low price.""If you have ever used a real Sonicare before, you will not like this one! Very noisy, very low frequency "sonic" and has been remarked, no charge indicator. It's supposed to have a two minute timer, I gave up well before that!!""I bought this to replace a Philips Sonicare HX6782/33. The '6782 had lasted for three years, and had cleaned my teeth much better than the Oral B I used for 5 years before that, so I thought buying another sonicare would be a no brainer.Well, the HX3110/02 is the worst toothbrush I have ever used, and I am including non powered toothbrushes here!The battery lasts one and a half goes, so it has to be permanently on charge. All other toothbrushes last around a week on a full charge.Most toothbrushes now have a timer that tells you when to change your brushing (so you spend equal time on the upper and lower jaws), but the HX3110/02 does not have this.The '3110 does not come with a carry case - every other electric toothbrush I have owned has.The '3110 is heavy. Far heavier than both the better Sonicares and the Oral Bs.The '3110 has an awful vibration action (caused by its heaviness). It literally sounds and feels like resting a back and Decker drill on your head and then turning it on. I physically cannot stand using the '3110, it is that bad.... and I have been using electric toothbrushes for several years!"For the Pink model: "I have built up quite a collection of electric toothbrushes over the years, some very good, some not so good, and some pretty poor. Unfortunately this Sonicare HX3130 falls into the latter category for me. It is bulky, takes a long time to charge (with no charge indicator that I can find), is uncomfortable to use, and as a result not particularly effective. This is advertised as being as easy to use as a manual toothbrush, whilst removing more plaque. Well I don't think it's as easy or as controllable as a manual brush, it certainly costs a lot more, and as for the plaque claim - well I guess I'll have to take their word on that. Comes with just one brush head, and replacements are not cheap either. This toothbrush is at the low end of the Sonicare range and it shows. I have also found the two minute timer to be wholly inadequate for a "thorough brushing". Philips have some great toothbrushes in their Sonicare range, but this isn't one of them, and demonstrates that you get what you pay for."I would read the negatives and positives before buying - I've been using sonic toothbrushes for nearly 10 years, I suppose we make the assumption all sonic toothbrushes are similar beasts.Amazon sometimes has the EasyClean in the mid £20s, so might be worth holding out for that one.

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I can't speak for the particular ones suggested, but all the compatible brush heads I've tried were pretty crappy. They wore out so fast you don't actually save anything over the real thing!
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