Philips SPA3250 - Portable USB Speakers - £6.95 Delivered @ Zavvi

Philips SPA3250 - Portable USB Speakers - £6.95 Delivered @ Zavvi

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Philips SPA3250 Portable USB Speakers

The Phillips USB portable speakers are ideal for laptops and notebooks. The speakers click together for easy portability and can be powered direct from a USB port or by batteries, making them perfect for travel. The Phillips USB portable speakers are Mac and PC compatible.



* Cable length: 1.2 m
* Connector: 3.5 mm stereo.


* Power on indication.


* Frequency response: 100–18,000 Hz.


these better than an X-Mini?


I believe these sound better than the x-mini speakers- though I'm basing my comparison on a similar model to the x-minis (the Lava speakers) and not the x-mini themselves.

These Phillips speakers are fairly large, but compact when stowed- the two speakers press into the rubber lips of the central amplifier unit to give an object about the sie and weight of a grapefruit.
I've had a few sets (one set stolen, cable eaten by mouse on another set) and they easily loud enough for listing to music across a hotel room, say. I even use them at home, for watching movies on my laptop.
They last for quite a while on 3x AAA batteries, but this model also takes power from the USB socket of your computer (or commonly available USB wall-socket adaptor).
At this price you can't go wrong. I've always spent around £10 -12 on them when they've been on offer from Tescos or Currys.

On a side note, when are battery makers going to sell batteries in packs of three? Or battery chargers allow for three batteries (instead of multiples of two) to be charged? This isn't just me being picky, because more and more devices are running off 3x AAA because this is very close to the voltage supplied by USB (3x 1.5v =4.5v, USB = 5v)

EDIT: I forgot to say:
The rubber lips of the central unit also allow the cable to be neatly coiled when not in use. It really is a good set of speakers to drop into the bottom of a backpack or suitcase.

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I have some of these. They sound good; at this price, they'll sound better!

I had some, they sound awful, but at this price you wont find anything better.

sound is soooo subjective...ho hum

ear ear

download VLC for your computer, That app is better than these cheap nasty tinny sounding speakers.

Voted hot, but 6p cheaper at Sendit and don't forget 2% Quidco, every penny counts
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