Philips SW3700 StarWars R2D2 Dry Shaver £15 @ Tesco - Maryhill

Philips SW3700 StarWars R2D2 Dry Shaver £15 @ Tesco - Maryhill

LocalFound 21st Jan 2018
Bought two of these at Tesco Maryhill, both were sealed and after opening look pristine. Not sure if nation wide or on Tesco's website. Were reduced next to customer services desk along with few other items like straighteners.
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if it wasn’t like bloody alaska here i would head up, but the thought of driving UP maryhill rd in that weather puts me off lol
Any left in maryhill? Sadly tad snowy to get over just now..
I only seen two more, but did n't go round to where they sell shavers. Maybe worth trying on their ebay store.
Now to strap tennis rackets to my feet, scrape the car, apply the snow chains and get to Maryhill for something I know I don't need but the fact it's a: cheap and b: R2 makes me virtually unable to resist.
Wait a minute possibly only 2 left and now we got a race in the snow.. i propose snowball fight in car park winner take all??
lol I would n't chance it, as said there maybe some on Tesco ebay store.. Snow at Maryhill at 1430 roads very slow.
Thanks OP I have been to St Rollox store and they have none, system states they have 6 but as it takesd up to 24 hours for system to update they have probably been sold
Manual store specific reduction, might be the only store that has them at that price.
I will have a look in the superstore on my way to work tomorrow.
Would someone like to buy one for me? I can pay you back including postage. Maryhill is way too far for me haha
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