Philips Twin Solar Lighting Kit - £7.99 in store at Home Bargains

Philips Twin Solar Lighting Kit - £7.99 in store at Home Bargains

LocalFound 21st May 2017
Ideal for camping etc.

Comes with panel, battery pack, two lights and cables.

Also a smaller single light kit at £3.99

Seems to be a lot more expensive online.
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Which home bargains was this in ?

Which home bargains was this in ?

​I've been in 3 different home bargains and they all had them in
thanks for the info
Not available on their website now but it has more
Couldn't find these in any of my locals. Whereabouts were they?
my smallish local store only had the £3.99 small light, it was in the camping section, across from the hoilday items.
Found the last one in the Reading store, it was left open, but everything looked like it was still there.
Not sure why it was open, nor why the solar panel and the charging box unpackaged. The lights were still wrapped.
It was good value for £7.99. If it does not work, it will go back.
Bought one of each type and was so impressed by the larger twin type that I purchased a second one.

Charges without a problem, but the batteries are very flat so it took some time to fully charge them.

Pity they never put a pir in these to turn off during the day.
Heard these may be a few years old and with rechargeable batteries can go so flat that a 5volt charger might be needed to give them a charge before you take them back as dud?
Just bought one of the larger ones in Belle Vale and there is one left open boxed one and few of the smaller ones left.
Worked out the box,good quality and light output,charging up now.
Can't find any in my 4 local stores
Finally got the last 2 sets from the sutton-in-ashfield branch, also had quite a few of the cheaper ones left.

Very bright lights, well worth the money
several back in stock at Tamworth store. wish they'd have an option to turn on with darkness automatically.
Was 4 back in stock at the same branch, Sunday morning.
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