Philips VOIP 4331 Microsoft Live Messenger Dual Phone: Single Handset save £65

Philips VOIP 4331 Microsoft Live Messenger Dual Phone: Single Handset save £65

Found 30th Jun 2007
Philips VOIP 4331 Microsoft Live Messenger Dual Phone: Single Handset save £65

£24.99 Delivered


Free calls worldwide via Windows Live Messenger. To your online Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger contacts only, via Windows Live Messenger 8.0
Traditional and Internet phone - Landline and Windows Live Messenger calls simultaneously on each handset
With a single press on the Windows Live Messenger key, you can directly access your Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger contacts list. Here you can automatically see your contacts on line
Enjoy making Free calls over the Internet without sitting in front of your computer. You can access to your Windows Live Messenger contacts list directly on your handset simply by pressing its direct Windows Live key
Installation free - Automatically recognised by Windows - Plug&Play installation
Call management: Call on hold, Call Transfer, Call waiting, Caller ID, Message Waiting
Handset keys: Call log, Dialling keypad, Line, Hang-up, Two softkeys, Four-way navigation key, Messenger, Volume
Base station keys: Paging key
LED on base: Messenger connection (Amber), Power on (Green), On line (blinks green)
LED on handset: New event (Green)
Ease of Use: Automatic detection by Windows
Speakerphone-Talkhandsfree: Yes
Display colours: 4096 colours
Resolution: 98 x 67 pixels
Wallpapers and colour schemes: 3 user-selectable choices
Memory Capacity
Call log entries: 20 missed & 10 received
Name & number phonebook: 100 on base & 20 on handset
Handset Volume Control : 5-level earpiece and loudspeaker volume control
Ring profiles: programmable, Landline/Internet distinction
Ringer type: polyphonic
Number of melodies: 10
Softphone compatibility
Display contacts list status: Yes
Edit user status on the phone: Yes
Direct call from contacts list: Yes
System Requirements
USB: Free USB port
Processor: Pentium-based PC with 400 MHz CPU or better
RAM memory: 128 MB
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive: Yes
Hard disc space: 50 MB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, IE 6.0 SP1 or above
Internet connection: Broadband Internet (>256 kbps)
Mains power: Charger: 230VAC to 9V/150 mA - Base: 230VAC to 9V/300 mA
Battery type: AAA NiMH
Battery capacity: 750mAh
Number of batteries: 2
Talk time: 10 hours
Standby time: >100 hours
Radio RF power: Technical specifications
Relative humidity range: Operation & Storage: Up to 95% at 40°C
Temperature measurement range: Operation: 0 to +50°C Storage: -25°C to +70°C
EMC standards: EN 301489-1 and EN 301489-17
Safety standards: EN 60950
Complies with: TBR6 & EN 301 406 V1.5.1 (radio)

FREE worldwide internet calls.
The VOIP433 is a dual DECT phone, which allows you to make or take normal telephone calls on your landline as well as free or cheap calls through Windows Live Messenger. Access your contacts list simply by pressing the Messenger key.

Package contents:
Analogue line cable
Quick start guide

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well i have sent for one will let you know what its like

This is cheaper at for £19.99 and free super saver delivery. ?
i know if you look i put it on site

22.04 befor you put this i had put it here…445

Ah yeah, I wasn't stealing your thunder - I didn't see your second post.

I was looking at this phone earlier in the week but my circumstances changed and I didn't need a VOIP product after all.

Do let me know how it is though - I might pick one up as VOIP is gonna be the future..
[SIZE=2]i did think the first one was a good deal thens een amazon lol ffs but i think both are a good price so when one runs out there is always the other [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]if you just want to use voip and dont want to have a pc on get a linksys PAP2-UV adapter [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]comet did have them for £20 then you need to unlock them and use sip or a other voip phone place [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] [/SIZE]
Don't think they are SKYPE compatible which is a shame
yup i seen on the other post and play have gone past the cancel point ffs packing the item it says ffs

ah well

also when i out both of the 2 deals i did not see the other post at all
thanks for showing me that you had posted that befor but i know now with the 2 posts you have put thanks rayman



also why take one off when you had put under that you had posted now my link to the other post goes no where ??

is it cos it was on twice or that you had put the deal on ??

so if you where going to take off the post why post in it ??


a question!

most VOIP phones are packaged with a service provider - for instance this phone is for use with windows messenger. does this mean that i cannot use this phone with another VOIP provider like skype, or poivy or vonage etc and that i can only use with windows messenger and thats it?

its looks like a lovely phone at a bargain of a price, id love to buy this VOIP phone and then decide myself the VOIP provider to be with.
MSN, Skype, Vonage, etc are all using different protocols. If you want phone with maximum 'provider portability' then look for one which is using SIP protocol. Or you can get ATA device, such as Linksys PAP2 or Zoom 5800 and use it with any standard phone.
I bought one of these handsets for use as a standard phone over the voip feature. We needed a cheap backlit phone and this one seemed to fit the bill, with the bonus of a colour screen.

For some reason when setting a ringtone for certain people in the phonebook or going through the audio settings, a third of the time, the audio would lock-up/fail. After this point the phone continues working normally except there is no audio from the key presses, incoming calls or when changing ringtone. The only way to rectify this was to restart the phone.

Also, since I had set custom tones for some numbers on the phonebook, when those numbers called, the phone would ring the standard tone for half a ring and then play around 3 seconds of the custom tone before it stopped ringing altogether. Only option was to avoid using different tones for callers and just stick to a standard tone for all callers like most phones.

Due to the failing of the audio and the occasional freezing of the device, I returned it. It may have been a duff unit but I wasn't prepared to try another handset out.
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