Philips VOIP0801B USB Internet Telephone £17.99 Delivered!!!!!!

Philips VOIP0801B USB Internet Telephone £17.99 Delivered!!!!!!

Found 30th Apr 2007
Handset keys: Line, Dialling keypad, Skype, Mute
User interface: Skype-call LED
Other convenience: Cable management
Handset Volume Control: 8-level earpiece
Number of melodies: 10
Softphone compatibility
Direct call from contacts list: Yes
VoIP Client Compatibility
Fully Integrated with Skype: Yes
PC Functionality: Use all functions of the PC to establish your phone calls
USB Compatibility
Speed: Full 12Mbps
USB Specification: USB 1.1 specification
System Requirements
USB: Free USB port
Processor: Pentium based PC with 400 MHz CPU or better
RAM memory: 128MB RAM
Hard disc space: 30MB or more
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000
Internet connection: 33.6 kbps or faster (broadband preferred)
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive: Yes
Power supply: USB powered

Philips VOIP080 is a phone with a wired USB connection to the PC and an integration with Skype. It features ClearVoice providing face to face conversation quality with the convenience of a classic phone.

You can control your Skype functions directly from your handset: access the Skype window, scroll the contact list and/or access the voicemail.

Use your VOIP phone to call via Skype wherever you are. With Skype you can enjoy making free calls all over the world to any other Skype users.

Great convenience with the travel case and desk holder included and with a unique cable management, you can wind the USB cable around the phone. No more knots on the cable, the phone is always usable whenever needed.

Package contents
Handset: Yes
Quick Start Guide: Yes

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