PHILIPS X56 Laptop 12" Ultra portable light Intel Core2Duo T5600 1.83Ghz Laptop £610.23 after quidco
PHILIPS X56 Laptop 12" Ultra portable light Intel Core2Duo T5600 1.83Ghz Laptop £610.23 after quidco

PHILIPS X56 Laptop 12" Ultra portable light Intel Core2Duo T5600 1.83Ghz Laptop £610.23 after quidco

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Features for this PHILIPS X56
Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 Processor 1.83GHz, 667 MHz FSB, 2 MB Cache, 1024 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, Dual Layer DVD ReWriter MultiDrive, 12.1" Widescreen Display, Microsoft Windows Media Center, 224MB Intel GMA950 integrated graphics, 1 year FREE warranty

Specification for this PHILIPS X56
Processor Type T5600, Processor speed 1.83 mhz, Memory Size 1024 mb, Memory Type DDR II
Hard Drive Capacity 80 Gb, Optical Drives DVDRW Dual Layer, CD-ROM Speed 24 x, CD-RW Speed. 24 x DVD-ROM Speed 8 x, DVD-RW Speed 6 x, Floppy Disk Drive No, Screen Size/Type 12.1 WXGA, Graphics Card Type Intel GMA950, Graphics Memory Up to 224 MB mb, Sound Type AC97 16bit, Modem Type 56k, Wireless Enabled Yes, No. of USB Connections 3, No. of Firewire Connections 1, Other Interfaces RJ-11, RJ-45, Battery Type LI-ION, Battery life (up to) 4 hours, Software Titles Included Works 8.5, Operating system MCE 2005, Weight 1.85 kg, Height 36.5 mm, Width 297 mm, Depth 213 mm, Colour SILVER

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For the 3% off quidco it MUST BE delivered, gives you £18.87 from quidco makeing this £610.23 ultimately.

As suggested by gary_rip

Thanks for crediting mate :-)
- gary_rip


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Larger picture:
using email10 10% code at currys to get it for £629 charged, if it works and the site behaves:

Yet to see a 12" ultra light and portable laptop with Core2Duo below £800 like this, a true bargain :thumbsup:

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It's a shame Currys do not have this in stock or I suspect the £50 code listed on here would work. (Added the half price internet security thing when adding the X56 to Currys basket and it does seem to be on stock, DSG dodgy practices strike again)

This isnt a good deal at all...

Buy from currys and use the 10% code (email10) to get 10% off beinging the price to... £629.10.

Buy through quidco to save another 3% (£18.87)

This would make the total £610.23 - Now thats a good deal! Im tempted and i dont even need one!

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AHhh thanks gary rip, not a big fan of DSG so don't know all the codes by heart

It is in stock at Currys!

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I stand corrected, bloody DSG websites

Well i tried it and it worked so :P

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Took me several goes, DSG hates me.

Edited the deal now :P

An admin or mod to tidy that up and fix my crappy spelling would be nice.

Sure schizoboy

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danke rayman :roll:

lol removed it now... sorry haha

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er look up gary, did that 10mins ago.. snap... lol

I think it's right now :thinking:


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np man, I should be more thorough, should of done currys deal in the 1st place.

Just need to remove from the OP.

Use the £40 off code of PERKZ40NEW from here works.


and the PRICE10 Code (thats only for TV's)

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Gary have u seen the ad for this? overdemanding business woman in a suit bossing about the normal laptop bloke on the pc world ad, cheesy as hell, I'd be tempted myself if not for that integrated graphics which I despise, fine for most people tho, should increase battery life.

I wonder if philips or 3rd parties do extended batteries for these, ultra portable laptops like this can be made to genuinely last over 7hours with the right battery.

Doh ;-) Thanks gary_rip!

Nah i havent seen that adds and for this size of laptop you cant expect decent gfx really!

Now correct I think :roll:

HAHA... nearly... still need to remove...

Using the 10% currys code PRICE10 or EMAIL10 to get £629.10

As im told thats only for TV's - Thanks rayman!

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Rayman is going to kill us in our sleep gary_rip

How long does delivery take?

Hehe I'll do it in a minute [change the original post that is lol].

Welcome to HotUKDeals Gonzo and Thanks for the post ;-) Delivery is around five days normally.

Price10 works from here gary_rip


This needs to be changed to say everything then... lol

tut tut edi hehe

I'll leave that too edi As he might have other information about it :-D

haha - thats fine - just wanted to point the blame to someone else!

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Delivery can be predicted at over 10days sometimes 2 weeks, but usually you can call your LDC and get a sooner date.

Currently out of stock, please call to confirm availability on: 0870 609 7493
Please use the back button to go to the previous page."


Still available here...

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in stock at currys here too

thats an excellent deal

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I think so... :-D Please everyone vote hot!!

Does ne1 know does intel integrated graphics on this handle hd-dvds for when I will want to get usb hd-dvd rom drive for it?


Does ne1 know does intel integrated graphics on this handle hd-dvds for … Does ne1 know does intel integrated graphics on this handle hd-dvds for when I will want to get usb hd-dvd rom drive for it?

It will handl HD DVD, but would it really make a difference on a 12" screen? On top of the the external drive will be really loud.

Original Poster

It's a light portable notebook, if to be used with films, most likely with headphones too

Is anyone got this yet?
Is it good?
Please tell us.

Hi All

It is a great spec for the money and thanks to the OP.

However, I went to have a look at it on the weekend and must say it looks and feels cheap. Even my girlfriend thought it looked cheap and she knows 'jack' about laptops.

I would have bought it if it had appeared more robust and stylish.

I know that aesthetics should not really come into it, but it is not an entry-level machine.

Moved on to similarly priced Sony, Tosh and HP and the difference was very noticeable especially with HP DV2000 range, but then you would lose the spec for a similar price.

Really is up to individual taste.


One of my colleagues took delivery of a Philips X56 today, and I was quite surprised at how good the build quality was. Feels like a very sturdy unit, and the display is very good for this price bracket. Certainly a step up from the Advent / Acer laptops around the £500 mark - the keyboard has a very solid feel rather than the rather flexible nature of some units.

Again, as the previous poster highlights, look and feel is subjective, but I use a lot of different laptops in my job and I have a very good initial impression of this one.


Available for less than £600 at dixons website with codes ph10(-£75) and theaa25(-£25) plus the usual quidco! :giggle:
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