Phillips 42 " LCD TV - £659.98 delivered @ Amazon !

Phillips 42 " LCD TV - £659.98 delivered @ Amazon !

Found 24th Nov 2007
Technical Details
High definition LCD WXGA display, resolution 1366 x 768p
Integrated Digital Tuner for DVB-T reception
HD ready for the highest quality display of HDTV signals
Pixel Plus HD for better details, depth and clarity in HDTV
3D comb filter separates colours for a razor-sharp image
Incredible Surround for enhanced audio enjoyment
Compact and slim design that fits in every room
1000 page Hypertext for instant fast access to teletext


Can anyway confirm if this is the same model currys are charging 1300 quid for instore... with a free 26 inch tv?…id=

@ rockatin, they are not the same amazon is 42PFL5522D and currys is 42PFL7962 :thumbsup:


Thanks for your first post rgachago Including the delivery charge of £29.99 this comes to £659.98 delivered so i've updated your title to include this price.

£643 at Dixons with a code, and £655 at EmpireDirect with a code

Wouldn't it better spending a bit more money and getting a 1080p LCD? :?


@ rockatin, they are not the same amazon is 42PFL5522D and currys is … @ rockatin, they are not the same amazon is 42PFL5522D and currys is 42PFL7962 :thumbsup:

thanks :thumbsup:


Wouldn't it better spending a bit more money and getting a 1080p LCD? :?

Not really unless you have a HD or blu-ray source!

It will be a years before DVB will transmit free HD programs.

Most external equipment doesn't have HDMI sockets.

I would stlll go for a 1080p TV as the new HD players are getting cheaper all the time and even the cheaper normal players can now up-scale so you will get much better quality buy getting a 1080p TV, especially if TV larger screen than 32". Also the Dixons deal is not that fab as the 19" TV is an old model!

Most people who know what they're talking about would tell you "50inch and above" at normal viewing distance. For 1080p on a 42" screen you'd need to sit about 5 feet away to get the full benefit, which is obviously ridiculous. With a 50" screen it goes up to about 6.5 to 7 foot which is much more normal, but even then I think too close. With a 32" screen like you say, you need to sit about 3 foot away... hoho.…er/

You do not need 1080p on a 42" screen if you're sitting over 6 feet away from the screen, 720p is more than adequate. So moving on...

This is a good deal, but I'd suggest that people looked at the Philips 42" plasma over the LCD. By all accounts it's a better TV, and can be had for around £580 with the 10% code and Quidco:…htm

I know what you are saying but who would buy a 42" screen if you are sitting 5-6ft away from it! Also depends what model you are looking at as the new 96 series philips are fab, plus the plasmas burn up to 4 X more electricity which is not very green is it and is also why some manufactures are now considering to stop making them.

Lots of incorrect info here.
Plasmas have a quoted power output that is high compared to LCD. However, the output varies depending on the image on the screen, so the quoted output is always the maximum that is possible.
An LCD is always constant.

The below link shows the true outputs of LCD, Plasma and Rear Projection.…tml

You will see that a Panasonic 42" Plasma (a standard plasma in the uk) requires $75.11 per year. A Philips 42" LCD $72.18.
Some obviously go higher, and some lower, but picked the best comparison for us over here.

As for 1080P, why bother? If you are into gaming, go for it. If you are into TV, then its not worth it unless you are getting SKY HD etc. Most of my TV hours are on Sky standard. If that is giving me 480 lines, it makes it very hard on the TV to output 1080 it makes a load up, and can risk giving the TV that blocky image. That is why I went for 720P, as it is a good compromise. In 2 years, the 1080P models will be £600 instead of £1000, and you are already paying £600 for a 720P, which will show no difference for what you are currently using it for.
That £400 difference means you would only need to add £200 in 2 years (if that) meaning that you can then have 2 LCDs for basically the same price

Im in the market for a new TV and personally I'm going to buy a 1080p set. I don't watch much TV and only really use the TV with my 360.

Personally I prefer to future proof myself, and a 1080p set will do that for a while.

There's no downside to 1080p, just don't pay extra for it over a 720p unless you plan to sit close enough (a fraction under 2x the screen diagonal is ideal, eg 8 feet away for a 50"). For LCDs the price difference is pretty minimal now, and plasmas are heading that way also.

Personally I'd hold off on a purchase - plasmas have the superior contrast , response time and colour rendition, but 1080p sets have until very recently been insanely expensive. Now you can get 42" 1080p plasmas as cheap as 800, and 50" models at 1200, and falling very fast. The latter size is the holy grail for mass market home cinema basically, being big enough to make use of 1080p at a sensible distance away, without the set itself looking stupid in a typical living room (trust me, above that size it gets very silly the amount of wallspace they take up).


Most people who know what they're talking about

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