Phillips 60W Energy Saving Light Bulbs Only 99p Each (instore only)

Phillips 60W Energy Saving Light Bulbs Only 99p Each (instore only)

Found 13th Nov 2006
Save the Planet & Money

Phillips equalivent Energy Saving Light Bulbs both bayonet & Screw only 99p
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Thanks for this I think Asda sell them at a low price too, but not sure if they're Philips.
IMO Philips make by far the best energy saving bulbs and I've tried almost all on the market. They have the most neutral tone, quickest to warm up and I've only ever had one blow which I guess must have been a defective one because it blew as soon as I put it in. Given they last so long I'd pay well over twice the price for a Philips over any other.
Becoming a necessity these days, with such high energy costs.
Excellent find..we should all be doing our "green" bit and using these bulbs.
They're in my local Morrisons too!
With variations of wattage.
Is this expired? The link takes you to the waitrose home page.
It's in-store only.
For what it's worth:

Robert Dyas has an offer on energy-saving bulbs - £2.99 for 3, reduced from £4.99 - *and*, 3 for 2 - so, I paid about £6 for 9 bulbs.

The two sizes are the equivalent of 60watt or 100watt and you can mix and match.

They aren't Philips, they're... OSRAM, I think... we've had them in for weeks already and they work fine so far.
Osram are another well known brand and I would expect them to be reliable too

Thanks for the input gobofraggle ;-)
Morrisons have been selling the Philips Genie compact fluorescent lamps for quite some time now as BOGOF for 99pence. These are A rated energy saving compact fluorescent lamps, benefits include an 80% power saving and a average 8000 hour lamp life. They have a 6yr lamp life.

They have 11watt equivalent to 60watt normal tungstun BC bulbs
Plus 18Watt equivalent to 90watt normal tungstun BC bulbs
Also 9Watt are sometimes in the bins equivalent to 50watt normal tungstun BC bulbs.
This pic shows the box but the lamp is ES base so ignore that bit ;-)

The 11watt energy saving bulb is equivalent to a standard 60W bulb but uses 5x less electricity and lasts for around 6000 hours - that's 6 years.

Note: Not suitable for dimming.

[image missing]

We have the compacts ones throughout our house because we inherited some fancy light fittings from the previous house occupier which don't take the normal energy saving ones because they're too big. Gradually they're making them for pretty much any fitting so there's no excuse
I went to the Sheffield Waitrose today and they were all cleared out. Who did it!! I demand you to report here
Wasn't me even though that's the one I'd be going to.
[SIZE=2]I'm pleased also that they're now producing these with different fittings, shapes and sizes. Once they've warmed up, which doesn't take long, the light the give out is much easier on the eyes too.[/SIZE]
I want to buy one like that, but I hate when there is not enough light in my room. Currently I'm using 150W standard bulb. Is there an Energy Saving one, that will give me the same ammount of light?
Yes, will get you the near same brightness.
I've not personally seen one which generates the equivalent of 150W; would have to be 30W or similar I guess.
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