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Philips WhiteVision ultra H7 car headlight bulb, 4.200K, set of 2 £16.82 @ Amazon

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White xenon effect up Tp 4.200K for high-end look in your car HEADLIGHTS
up to 60% more vision on the road to maximise clarity
Greater contrast for improved visibility and safer driving
Fit type: Universal

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8454045451676687653.jpg1108098861676687657.jpgThe Philips Original Equipment Quality products are designed and developed following strict quality control processes (including applicable ISO norms), leading to consistently high production standards. Philips car bulb is compatible with car models of major brands, such as Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers
Philips lighting equips one in two cars in Europe and one in three in the world

Sharp irresistible look
Philips WhiteVision ultra, featuring the latest coating formula, delivers a stunning white light. These are the whitest road-legal halogen lights in our portfolio and the perfect choice if you're looking for a cool, stylish look.

White stylish look
Road-legal performance
Comfort with up to 60% more vision (Compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulbs)
Enhanced safety
Philips quality
Manufacturing processes that exceed current industry specifications

7940182081676687683.jpgSharp white light
Philips WhiteVision ultra headlights revolutionise the look of your car with a sharp white light. The right choice for a bright and stylish driving experience! Our whitest bulbs for stylish performance on the road.

Up to 60% more vision*
A longer beam pattern, with up to 60% more vision compared to the legal minimum standard, enables you to not only see other road users more clearly but also be better seen by them. It improves safety and gives you more time to react to potential hazards on the road ahead.

*Compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulbs

Stylish halogen upgrade
Philips WhiteVision ultra is designed for drivers who are looking for an upgrade with the style and appearance of LED lighting but drive a vehicle with halogen technology. Thanks to the new and advanced coating formula on the glass, WhiteVision Ultra bulbs are our whitest road-legal lights, providing a stunning look in the headlight's reflector.
19181010321676687708.jpg100% Road-legal
WhiteVision ultra upgrade headlight bulbs are ECE certified**for bright white light on the road. Drivers enjoy a vibrant look and a street-legal bulb compliant with relevant regulations. It gives you great visibility without compromising safety by dazzling the car in front.

** E1 21P, E1 21W, E1 2C3, E1 22Z, E1 24F, E1 25M, E1 22S, E1 22T, E1 2R9
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    What is the lifespan compared to normal bulbs? Those that claim super brightness, usually 150%+ can be counted in low hundreds of hours
    Firstly, simply based on brand, Philips seem to last longer than others, with each like for like type/range.
    Secondly I've been using White Vision since I had my current car for 12 years. The first pair lasted about 5 years, as did the second pair after that. Then couple years ago found White Vision got replaced with White Vision 'Ultra'. Couple diffences: older ones were 'upto' 4200K (but really 3700K), and newer version is exactly 4200K; but also lifespan hours was drastically reduced as shown on back of packaging (cannot remember figures off top of my head).
    So two years on, the Ultras are still going strong, but then again whislt I used to be a high mileage driver, past couple years I've been working from home mostly and don't do the mileage I used to. Therefore can't say for sure how long they'll last, but the fact Philips the themselves have reduced expected life span, guessing these might not last as long as older versions.
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    Pretty soon we're all gonna have to wear sunglasses to go driving at night
    Not with halogen bulbs we won't
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    Just had them delivered with a nice little additional bonus of 2 X BLUE 501 bulbs in the box 49594673-wPXrP.jpg
    You will be disappointed though. After reading this post I remembered I had a set sitting in my shed. So I decided to put them in. Put 1 in to see the difference and it looked exactly the same. Replaced them anyway but honestly speaking it's waste of money.
    Ones in there were ring branded with not much hint of blue so assume they were standard bulbs.
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    You're better off using LED headlights... Philips do a decent set for £100ish
    I tried the Philips H7 LED bulbs in my mk3 mondeo, as I read that they were the closest pattern to originals. Brilliant light output. But, guessing cos I had reflector lights, they dazzled other drivers, who were flashing their lights at me. Got a friend to drive in front and told me it was like u had beams on. Lowering the 'level' all the way down helped, but that only meant now I couldn't see road lit up far enough. So returned them (Prime) and went back to White Vision, albeit now only available in the Ultra version.
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    Awful lifespan from my experience twice. Osram nightbreakers are better. Mileage is irrelevant, that might be all daytime miles?
    Nightbreaker currently £10.99 on Amazon
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    Ordered thank you
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    Switching to LED upgrade bulbs is a complete no-brainer over these. A little extra cost but they will significantly outperform and outlast them.
    Agreed, but legal ones are expensive, however they are a world apart.

    I used to hate HID's as I'd always get tools on the motorway who would insist on sitting in the middle lane going at exactly the same speed as me, (travelling in the 'correct' lane), with their lights pointing directly into my right hand door mirror and half blinding me.

    Now I have LED's and can get my own back.They always pass the MOT, but you need projector style lamps.
    Don't be a numpty and put LED's in a normal reflector style lamp. (edited)
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    These seem to be cheaper and higher Kelvin.
    For legal bulbs the numbers on the box are normally for entertainment purposes only. The laws about brightness and colour temperature do not allow for much variation (edited)
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    I came here to find alternatives to my Bosch Plus 90 but there isn't anything here that is going to be better and currently around £16/17, I would choose these over everything else. Still a nice price though.
    Take a look on ebay.
    ELTA VisionPRO 150 or Lucas Lightbooster
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    Are these better than the x150?
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    Would these be an upgrade on Osram night breaker laser?

    Just fitted those in my car recently after putting up with rubbish lights for a long time. Difference is noticeable but have had to adjust beam as kept getting flashed.
    You must be needing an alignment. Halogen bulbs are the dimmest bulbs for a car! Also with the blue coating, they're not as bright. They just look whiter with the yellow bulb light output.
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    Some modern headlights are just too bright - especially when they're put into an old car and seem to be misaligned. And this all day running light thing is a bit ridiculous too.