Phillips shl8800 headphones  instore in tesco. discontinued line.

Phillips shl8800 headphones instore in tesco. discontinued line.

Found 26th Nov 2011
Went in to look for the sony mdr 570 which had been reported cheap a couple of times but found they were back up to 19.99.
lying on the corner of the shelf i found a pair of phillips shl8800 and just above it a peg saying £4.00, just a standard white ticket not a yellow discount one.
I honestly thaught it was a mistake but it scanned through at £4 at the till.

Just checked on tesco direct and they are discontinued but were £17.48 so at £4 they are a bargain.

Found in tesco home plus in Telford, will be checking the local tesco 24 hr later.
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Wow, great price, what a bargain!
just finished comparing the sony 570lp @19.99 and the phillips @4.00...
Philips are louder and give much better bass, sony give a more ballanced sound as the phillips are bass heavy but if used for a laptop, the levels can be tweaked. Sony are a little more low profile for storage in laptop bag, but the phillips have customizable pannels for those of you who care more about style.
all in all they are both great headphones and compete well against each other, but when considering the price ratio of 1:5 the phillips win hands down!
im off to look for more!
Edited by: "blackplasma" 26th Nov 2011
anyone else spotted these? At £4!!
Nope...not at Tesco Warfield
Not in Tesco Watford tonight
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