Phillips Skype / Dect Phone - NOW £19.54 @ Scan !! - Usually £29

Phillips Skype / Dect Phone - NOW £19.54 @ Scan !! - Usually £29

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Found 10th Jun 2009
Nice skype phone and very cheap. It's a dual skype / dect phone, but *you need to have a computer on, and skype logged on*!! So it's good if you have a computer on all day (as I do).

Amazon sells this for £37.

- Free calls worldwide via Skype to any other Skype users*
- Direct Skype key to access your contacts list
With a single press on the Skype key, you can directly access your Skype contacts list. The list of the users currently logged on to Skype is displayed and you can see their online status. This Skype key also enables you to take the line (once the contact selected) and to make a Skype call (Skype & SkypeOut).
- Make or take calls via Skype & landline
This dualphone enables you to make calls via Internet or/and** via a normal landline with the mobility, voice quality & ease of use of a cordless phone. ** If you have two handsets, you can make an Internet call while the other handset makes a landline call.
- Low rate call cost on standard phone numbers via SkypeOut
SkypeOut is a low cost way to make calls from Skype to friends who still use a traditional landline or mobile phone.
- Skype contacts list accessible anywhere at home
Enjoy making free calls over the Internet without sitting in front of your computer. You can see your Skype contacts list directly on your handset.
- Skype conference calls with several friends
- As easy to use as a standard cordless phone

Details of how to get free delivery at Scan can be seen here...…php
(thanks to Cuddy)

*NOTE 2*
To get the avforums offer, you need to spend more than £20 excluding VAT, so you'll need to order something else (I think £4 should do the trick)
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Delivery is £6.99 and plus goes upto £27.38....Is there any vouchers included to bring the prince down...??? please let us know
ihotuk, sorry, I just realized that this is just below £20. You can get the free delivery if you spend more than £20 with the avforum offer. Check this url…php.

If you add something of about 2 or 3 pounds you'll get the free delivery.... maybe some sata cables?
it also helps if Scan is 10min drive away, wait, it is, for me..
After the webcam fiasco, they can go whistle...
topdealman, people (and people who work for a company) make mistakes... you can't expect them to sell you something that's usually £40 for £10... well you can, but at the same time you know that it might not work.

I've posted around 15 deals here and 3 of them didn't work because of misprices...
Wow, this is still working :D... I just ordered one
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