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Unleaded petrol £1.009 a litre @ jet garage Houghton Le spring
Found 19th Jan 2015Found 19th Jan 2015
Unleaded petrol was £1.009 a litre @jet garage Houghton Le spring today. Cheapest I've seen in the north east so far. Day time price currently £1.059 - To get it at this price you… Read more
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MJK94 shows it as 112.9 updated on the 28th, so 107.9 if you went out of hours (assuming the price is correct)


Bit of a trek for us in Houghton area... lol!


Comment Tossed


Voted cold sick of fuel deals now.


Did you happen to notice the diesel price?

Diesel £1.099 @ jet in york
Found 17th Jan 2015Found 17th Jan 2015
Cheapest ive found in the area

Well to be clear I never said you did put his deal down did I, but I do find your comment rude. And actually I didn't have a go, I was clearly stating how the site works and how people are misusing the point of the site. Oh ok but ermm I don't remember saying anyone did need my permission or approval to comment did I? Nope I didn't haha thanks for the information though :)


I don't really care tbh, I didn't "put his deal down", he asked a question and I gave him an anwer, simple as. If you think that is being rude, that's your perogative - but at the end of the day I answered his question and all you did was have a snipey little go at people (ironically the very thing you're complaining about) so maybe you need to learn to look at things from a different perspective before throwing your dummy out. And, for your information, no-one needs your permission or approval to comment. HTH


Tell you what I'm getting bored of, people putting down and adding negative comments to other people's posts. This is a deal, its the cheapest price in the area, if it's not an area near them there's no need to vote or comment. Why would anyone drive out their way for any deal?! It's clearly stated for the people of that area!! This site really is being mistreated by alot of users.


Guven it some heat. Cheaper than we ever get it where I live


Probably because people are a little bored all these repetitive fuel posts, a lot of people are just posting them for no other reason than because they think they are going to get lots of 'heat' from them. Aside from that, petrol stations have big boards outside with their prices on, people generally notice which ones in their area are doing fuel the cheapest. Driving out of their way to stations doing fuel a penny cheaper just so they can save 60p or so on a full tank of fuel just doesn't make sense...

LOCAL FUEL DEAL -104.9p unleaded p/l and 110.9p diesel @ Jet Petrol Station near Five Ways - Croydon
LocalLocalFound 11th Jan 2015Found 11th Jan 2015
Best price i've seen around the south london area. 104.9p for petrol and 110.9p for diesel per litre found 10/01/2015 Sorry, couldn't snap a pic as i was driving. This is the J… Read more

where was that


OPEC dont have control anymore. thats why America kept going to war. plenty of supply from none OPEC members


yawn. another local petrol deal


I doubt OPEC will cut supply anytime soon, they are keeping prices low enough to put all the fracking and shale operations out of business, then we will see prices rise, there is even talk of OPEC increasing supply if others try to raise the price of all by increasing or subsidising production etc.


Prices reduced to 99.9p for unleaded in London last week so keep them prices dropping! Oh by the way, this won't last Saudi will restrict supply soon and no doubt we'll all be paying £1.50 a litre within a few weeks!

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Jet garage (Houghton) 5p off each litre after hours.
Found 8th Jan 2015Found 8th Jan 2015
Was £1.08 now with discount £1.03 a litre. At my local jet garage in Houghton and they've been fitted with card machines at the pump where after closing time (9pm) the price of fu… Read more
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Comment aye


Houghton le spring


Brilliant. As they don't have to pay staff they are giving it back to the customer. Going to see if this works at my local Shell. Thanks for the info OP.


Which Houghton is this?


hope Asda do this..

JET (galston) 102.9 for petrol and 109.9 for diesel
LocalLocalFound 4th Jan 2015Found 4th Jan 2015
Was there yesterday and cheapest I've seen for years.
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I was passing one these stations i was gagging for drink the pepsi 1.5 l was £2.99 ..........nick that


wow your spar is dear £105.9 i don't think the 6p off will help u much llllllllll


You can't expect a little thing like that get in the way of a good troll can you?


The word "Unleaded" may be a help :D


Ah yes the old £13..01p, never can stop on a whole pound can we?

Jempsons Superstore Peasemarsh East Sussex petrol 106.9 a litre
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
Jempsons Superstore in Peasemarsh in East Sussex (Jet) has petrol for 106.9 and diesel for 112.9. Cheapest I have seen in the area, cheapest in Hastings was 111.9 a litre, and 117.… Read more

Comment Oh it's ok lol


My completely normal comment couldn't be posted it had blacklisted words??? Freedom of speech eh?


Comment True, I worked at Conoco years ago, same fuel dispersed to different companies


Nothing wrong with jet fuel. Same supliers for whole UK



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Unleaded petrol £1.087 cheaper than asda @ Jet Garages
Found 25th Dec 2014Found 25th Dec 2014
I know not everyone can get this but its the cheapest around. On the main havant to chichester road just before the roundabout at the centre of Emsworth. Cheaper than Asda

Comment You and your mates have absolutely no clue who sells what "quality" fuel. How do you know it's not all exactly the same? Cos you copy all the other idiots who think they know, who do the same and so on...


Lol. I see sarcasm, and you sir have a small brain


Real quality fuel!!!!


My local Jet is still charging 1.29p for basic unleaded. Rip off!


So this is getting out of hand now and irritating and boring every time fuel drops by a penny it's going to get posted, why? It's not a deal it's economic! What's next posting deals when interest rates go up and savers get a smidgen of a increase on their savings!!

petrol 109.7 per litre at Jet Garage in Emsworth
LocalLocalFound 20th Dec 2014Found 20th Dec 2014
I know not everyone can get this but its the cheapest around. On the main havant to chichester road just before the roundabout at the centre of Emsworth. Cheaper than Asda

Oil is half price at the mo and fuel should be 75p litre like in 2007 yet we are still being robbed!!


I'll probably be given a full tank for Christmas :(


What I don't understand is over the past 5 years wages and costs haven't really increased massively however 5 years ago fuel was £1 a litre. Now the oil companies are saying £1 a litre is not sustainable, and will cause thousands of job losses. I understand it's harder to extract but not 30p a litre harder.


Esso,Knole Hill,Maidenhead,the same...I filled up the other day ready for a 450 mile trip to Scotland,paid 1,12 in Asda...sighs. The baubies i could have saved had i waited.


Jet fuel is rubbish you want to use supermarket fuel. ;)

Petrol 116.9 Diesel 120.9 - JET Leeds Meanwood Road
LocalLocalFound 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
Meanwod Road JET fuel station. The lowest I've seen fuel prices for a long time! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I don't think they will come down too much more. The actual cost of the fuel is relatively small given fixed amounts of tax, duty, distribution costs, wages etc... these aren't going down. however I'm sure you are right that it might come down a few pence more!


About time the supermarkets reduced fuel prices also


Jet at Colton Leeds have put it down as well.


Don't rush - Oil price still falling - fuel price will only get lower in the near term .

Unleaded 119.9 diesel 123.9 @ Jet garages (doncaster )
LocalLocalFound 5th Nov 2014Found 5th Nov 2014
Not sure if cheaper elsewhere but cheapest I have seen. Jet petrol station in doncaster town center is doing unleaded at 119.9 and diesel at 123.9 a litre. I think it's a bargain b… Read more
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Yeh thought they might just hope it can help someone


121.9 in cumbernauld, think prices change all over the country........


129.9 at my nearest Jet


Where at? I've been by it this morning, dinner and tea and it's been that price all day.....the one on Trafford way at side of old bus station?


1.26 today for diesel

Diesel - £1.25.9 at Jet garage, Petrol is £1.24.9, Birmingham Road, Redditch, B97 6RH
Found 7th Oct 2014Found 7th Oct 2014
I know the comments won't all be positive but this price for Diesel needs to be shared. Not sure if it's their price cut day but the BP near me in Coventry is currently £1.30 for … Read more

The one by the retail park? I thought it was still £1.27 there?


Sainsburys further up the road on the roundabout near the Beffeater in Redditch is £123.9 a litre at the moment. Filled up this morning.


Any free delivery codes? :p

Unleaded Petrol 123.9p (Updated 25/09/2014) @ Jet Birmingham Rd. (at Dagnell End Rd.), Redditch
LocalLocalFound 24th Sep 2014Found 24th Sep 2014
Birmingham Rd. (at Dagnell End Rd.), Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 9BE, United Kingdom I drove past this morning and noticed it has now gone up 1p to 123.9p (Updated 25/09/2014)
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I blame my iPhone ... got catch :D


I live just round the corner from this. Going to check it out. Heat!


I know this particular Petrol Station in Redditch (my Mom is nr. Stratford upon Avon), Sainsburys just round the corner at Abbey trading centre (probably the nearest to it) it's now always more expensive than the Jet Petrol Station, by about the margin the other way 3-5p. That was never the case a a few years back, now Sainsburys doesn't compete. The Sainsburys petrol station was recently moved across the road to the other side of the island from the actual store to increase parking at the Redditch store. Not saying it always the case, recently in Scotland - Asda was still the cheapest at £128.7 for diesel, just no longer assume they are the cheapest, they often aren't now.


A kind of fuel, that won't work in a petrol engine!


Maybe where you live, but the supermarkets around my way are always cheaper still - sainsbury seems to be about 3 to 5p cheaper on average.

Jet York petrol/diesel £1.26!
LocalLocalFound 16th Jul 2014Found 16th Jul 2014
Just been to jet on hull road petrol and diesel both £1.26. UPDATE -Thurs 17 July. Petrol £1.25 and diesel £1.26!

When was this? 1992? The internet seems to show a different price!






Basingstoke has got to be the highest around at 135 for diesel. Rip off!!


the tax man has a larger and tighter grip

JET GARAGES - Diesel @ £1.28 per litre
Found 21st May 2014Found 21st May 2014
I had just filled up at Sainsbury's in Redditch and noticed this price when taking a detour back from there. Petrol was £1.26 but I thought £1.28 for Diesel was good considering I'… Read more
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Just filled up with super unleaded at jet station in Horbury. £1.59. What a rip off. Won't be going back. EVER


Personally, the best fuel consumption I've ever had was from Esso and Shell in my Puma which normally drank fuel like it was leaking if I used anything else. The Esso fuel lasted longer than the fuelsave stuff though.


1. Agreed, the additives do help, but they can also decrease the quality as well depending what they put into it. 2. Not saying all fuel is sourced from one single refinery, but i'm sure there is no single refinery that just supplies one supplier. Simple source. inb4: single source not accurate.


Frankly I don't give a **** whether you believe my RR Evoque cost that or not but the point is I'll happily put Jet fuel in it if it's a bit cheaper. Back to your original post - what evidence is there to support your outrageous claim that it's inferior fuel? I say again - troll!


Im not sure whats more sad, the fact that you mention you have a "50k" motor, or the fact i dont believe you. Seriously though, i am very happy for you too :)

2p off per litre at Jet Scunthorpe (maybe others) + 'Cheap Fuel Today' (£1.28)
LocalLocalFound 8th Apr 2014Found 8th Apr 2014
This is a weird one, extremely local (unless others know of other sites), and more information than a deal - should it be in misc? The Jet Scunthorpe fuel station opposite the Mal… Read more
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Gonna try this one more time. Today's pump priced are: Petrol: 125.9 Diesel 128.9 Everyone gets these prices, but with the 2pm off voucher as we'll I just filled up with diesel for 126.9. Petrol 123.9 obviously. It's a full 10p more across town.


1.26 in most places


Jet at Knottingley is much cheaper than other local petrol stations especially diesel .It, too, is MRH


For Diesel?!


its £1.26 at asda in hull

Petrol! Unleaded 124.9p Diesel 132.9p - South London sw16 2rw (Leigham court road) @ Jet
LocalLocalFound 6th Nov 2013Found 6th Nov 2013
124.9p Unleaded 132.9 diesel they also do super unleaded. Price is going to stay like this tomorrow and will go cheaper on Saturday according to them!

4 star as in premium/high octane? If so I didn't get to check but normally it should be same price as diesel... I hope


sorry! I thought I did... sw16 2rw


Hot , but you forgot to add the postage


how much is four star?


Heat for a Streatham specific deal!

Discounted fuel 2 days a week at Jet filling station Scunthorpe
LocalLocalFound 24th Sep 2013Found 24th Sep 2013
I'm not sure if this is a national thing or just local, but the Jet garage in Scunthorpe now has a sign saying cheap fuel 2 days a week, and today is 1 of those days. They have kno… Read more

it's only 5p per litre


Hope you understand I was only joking, and did give you heat. A saving of 10 ppl does add up to a lot of saving. My car takes 70 litres, so that's £7 every thank full. Over a year that's a £500 saving for me.


yeah i did it wrong but you surly know what it was meant to be, i've edited it now but won't let me put .9 price is £1.29.9 which is cheap compared to anywhere i've seen


One hundred and twenty nine pounds :) At one pound twenty nine it's cheap, so have some heat!


One hundred and twenty nine pounds :) At one pound twenty nine it's cheap, so have some heat!