Phoenix Nights Complete Series DVD Box Set + Soundtrack CD & Max & Paddy Complete Series Box Set + Soundtrack CD £10.99 each + free delivery/quidco @ HMV

Phoenix Nights Complete Series DVD Box Set + Soundtrack CD & Max & Paddy Complete Series Box Set + Soundtrack CD £10.99 each + free delivery/quidco @ HMV

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Found 13th Feb 2009
Phoenix Nights
Series 1 and 2 of Peter Kay's acclaimed TV comedy.Legendary social club owner Brian Potter and his merry band of staff and regulars are determined to make the Phoenix Club successful no matter what. Nothing will get in their way...

Special Features
Includes Phoenix Nights soundtrack! Phoenix Nights Series 1:
One Man And His Horse (documentary)
Deleted Scenes
Uncut Armchair Superstore
Peter Kay Audio Commentary
Phoenix Nights Series 2:
'It'll Be Alright On The Phoenix Nights 2' featuring out-takes from the series
Brian Potter on Comic Relief
Deleted Scenes
Director and cast commentary and a few special treats!
Bonus CD Tracklist:
1. Phoenix Night's Theme - Toni Baker
2. Stop Crappin' and Get Crackin' - Jerry St Clair & Brian Potter
3. Send the Buggers Back - Half A Shilling
4. Dance the Night Away - Jerry St Clair & Les Alanos
5. Phoenix Club Sign - John 'Fingers' Wood
6. Mr Sandman - Fan Dup Toe
7. Potter's Theme - Toni Baker
8. Man, I Feel Like a Woman - Brian Potter
9. I Have a Dream - Brian Potter & The Phoenix Team
10. Reach (For the Stars) - Jerry St Clair & Les Alanos
11. Bye, Bye Baby / The Guest Speaker - Den Perry feat. Keith Lard
12. Perfect 10 - Jerry St Clair & Les Alanos
13. Ray Von - Ray Von & Brian Potter
14. A Psychic Phenomenon - Clinton Baptiste
15. Friendly Advice - Brian Potter and Jerry St Clair
16. Whatever You Do, Don't Rush - Jerry St Clair & Brian Potter
17. Bat Out of Hell - Young Kenny
18. Club Rules - Brian Potter
19. Black Bin Bags (Come and Get Your) - Jerry St Clair
20. Get Here - Michelle Coffee
21. New York, New York - Jerry St Clair & The Pissin Lighthouse Family
22. Potter's Soul - Toni Baker & The Stockport Horns
23. Celebration - Jerry St Clair, Brian Potter & Les Alanos
24. (I'm a) One Girl Guy - One Legged Elvis
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Max & Paddy Box Set: Road To Nowhere - Series 1 / Power Of Two…0f7

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Road To Nowhere: Re-uniting clueless doormen Max (Kay) and Paddy (McGuinness) from the hugely successful Phoenix Nights, they escape clubland in their prized motorhome and take to the open highway, coping with girls, speed cameras, a pig and each other!

Power Of Two: Thanks to the two most famous motor home enthusiasts, Max and Paddy, getting in shape will never be the same again once you've seen the latest offering from the comic duo.

The only fitness themed comedy title on the market, Max & Paddy's Power Of Two is an extraordinary workout for ordinary people. Including a special guest appearance from award winning Phoenix Nights character Brian Potter, The Power Of Two will leave viewers aching both from the exercise and the laughter!

Down on their luck, and up on body mass, Max & Paddy take to the world of home fitness video, deciding to mix Max's strict army training with Paddy's knowledge and limited experience of s-exercise. What more could the British public need to get back into shape after Christmas?

Max & Paddy's Power Of Two takes burning calories to a new surreal level with the motor home enthusiasts doing the workout. This DVD masterpiece features completely new Peter Kay comedy that has never been seen anywhere before, and it's the only way to flex and laugh your way to a leaner, fitter you!

Special Features
Surprise audio commentaries
Deleted scenes
Photo gallery

Max & Paddy CD:
1. The Road To Nowhere - Main Theme
2. Shopping
3. Mission Plasma / Middlewood
4. Like A Virgin
5. Prison Visit
6. Baby, Now That I've Found You
7. A Cake
8. Billy, Please Do Go
9. Free The Phoenix Two
10. Love Train
11. A Nun With Tourettes
12. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
13. Father & Son
14. Billy The Butcher
15. Road To Deliverance
16. Dancing Bears
17. The Power Of Two / Wolfster's Fortieth
18. Eagles Road
19. Paddy's Hungry
20. The Road To Nowhere
Nice post. Have some heat. Love both the shows
Nice price - but the HMV description doesn't make any mention of the CD.

Is it definitely included in this set?
Voted hot thanks...been looking for Phoenix Nights at a good price and this doesn't get much better

Nice price - but the HMV description doesn't make any mention of the … Nice price - but the HMV description doesn't make any mention of the CD.Is it definitely included in this set?

I hate HMV's constant "lack of description". I always have to go elsewhere for info.
Anyway. If you look at the Boxset cover on the HMV website. There is a sticker which says "includes soundtrack CD". This is it blown up: -

[image missing]

max & paddy - the best tv series ever great price

the inluded cds a bit pants though
Not voting on this as I got these 2 and Shrek Trilogy for £20, cant remember what site it was from, maybe UWish.

Best price currently available though.
phoenix nights is one of my all times favourite ( quoted daily! ) programmes..
Love Phoenix Nights, and already have them and Max & Paddy on DVD, just getting fed up with Peter Kay re-releasing everything over and over.

Voted hot for those who don't already have it
Pull off into Paradise
"Garlic Bread. It's the Future" lol. Great find.
simply awesome
Black bin bags...
I use them all the time..... just before I say [COLOR="black"][SIZE="4"]You're Fired....[/SIZE][/COLOR]

For the benefit of people who are not 'office wise' its usually the sign of the grim reaper (HR) of giving 5 minutes notice to clear your desk! The preverbal black bin bag is being provided for your personal artifacts. :roll:

But the song is ggggreat :):):)
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