Phone Calendar (Paid) Free (was £10.99) @ Google Play Store

Phone Calendar (Paid) Free (was £10.99) @ Google Play Store

Found 28th Jun 2017
The easy Diary Call Recorder!

You can quickly jump to a specific date to view phone call record and text by double-clicking on the date tag history list.


(1) Passcode security procedure.
(2) Saving recorded phone voice via diary calendar.
(3) Recordable under screen off.
(4) Unlimited recording length.
(5) Unlimited number of voice record.
(6) High compression technology. (1 hour: 8 MB)
(7) Switch: auto repeat playback.
(8) Display Phone Carrier Name and Country Code.
(9) Display Network Code and Mobile Network Name.
(10) Daily telephone memos.
(11) Display date count.
(12) Display the memo topic text in the history list.

Fast Getting Started:
(1) Check the app phone status.
(2) Press previous or next symbol to assign record number.
(3) Input the phone number.
(4) When communication over, press the recording stop button on bottom.
(5) Press top left button to write something for today each phone call content in memo window.
(6) Want to execute voice playing, press the voice recording playing button on bottom.
(7) Click the date label on inside page to return to the history list.
(8) Double click on the outside of the history list date to jump quickly browse phone call memo.
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when installed, will not open for me?
Don't even understand what this does from the above lol
davemhaynes23 m ago

Don't even understand what this does from the above lol

Call recorder?
can't find it on my galaxy 7
Less than 10 installs by looks of it. New app. Not for me.
normally 11 quid lol no wonder its free probably trying to get a few 100 installs to make it look like its worth buying.
I like this review.

pratyush reddy
What is this s**t...... Don't even work
Look's like this App is a work in progress, huh?, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I've installed it anyway, lol, here's hoping ...
Worth a try I suppose. Cheers OP
Does not open after install...............waste of time
Ended, now showing £10.99
Looks to be completely worthless.

Does not open after install...............waste of time

It does for me ... lol.

I don't however have a clue as yet as what to do with it though?. :-)
Strange... Only getting a notification about this despite been expired
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