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Samsung S6 64GB for £29.99 p/m on EE 24 Month Contract - Unlimited Mins / Texts 4GB EE Extra (£159 upfront Cost) - £878.76 @
Found 12th Aug 2015Found 12th Aug 2015
Been looking for a decent S6 64gb Deal. Possible £40 Cash back if you go via Quidco.

Not sure why so cold - phone turned up today - UK model with fast charger...


That's for the 32gb version not the 64gb.

aa64xyz s6 edge for total 579

iPhone 5s 32GB £34PM x 24 Upfront Cost £59.99 Phones.Co.UK
Found 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
Not sure if this is a good deal or not but posted as may help someone. Apple iPhone 32GB Silver (Other Colours may be Available) £59 Upfront Cost £34 PM Unlimited Data Unlimited Te… Read more
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Hotfinder he has been suspended


Been called a few things in my time but never Troll Probably joined HUKD before you could even Type[/quo i am a higher member than you. Please do not insult peoples typing skills


why cold?


She's trolling surely. Could get a 6 for cheaper than this


Hold on. I got 'attacked' first - 'before you could type'

iPhone 6 64GB - EE £145 upfront £34pm -
Found 15th Sep 2014Found 15th Sep 2014
I know I know... but EE are charging £279 for the handset for a similar contract. This is the cheapest deal i've found for around £34pm. If anyone has found a better i'd like to… Read more

mobilephonesdirect have increased their prices too. £221 now... and directmobiles £279

Superman999 / AffordableMobiles have both MASSIVELY upped the upfront cost on ALL there iPhone deals

RTi are £151 .. it is weird..


You say that, but mobilephonedirect is only £159.99 so still £120 cheaper than EE direct!! Weird


I think they bottled it and raised the price due to what happened with phones4u. EE are selling the phone for £279 and for £145.

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Samsung galaxy S4 £27.99 PM possible £21.74 pm on T-mobile @
Found 16th Jul 2014Found 16th Jul 2014
Samsung galaxy s4 on T-mobile 500 minutes unlimited texts and unlimited data £21.74 pm 24 month contract after £150 cashback-by-redemption. Plus possible £42 cashback through tcb … Read more

Waiting to see how cold this gets as the deal I posted that was £48 cheaper went to -118 For those who go for the deal, this company send paper vouchers that must be posted back to them so it's not quite as easy as Dialaphone and where I've just emailed claims.


My bad yes sorry you are correct it is after cashback and £27.99 before. Can someone change the title to reflect this thanks


Plus £42 cashback through topcashback! Yay xD


When I click on more info I get the £21.74 after cashback. £27.99 monthly.


No before cashback-by-redemption :D

Motorola Moto G 8GB £16.99 PM possible £8.99 pm after cashback - Orange
Found 13th May 2014Found 13th May 2014
Deal Summary. FREE Motorola Moto G 8GB Black + Free Delivery £200.00 Cashback by Redemption Free Delivery Orange 250MB £16.99 (24mths) Orange £8.99 after cashback. 500 Minut… Read more

Cheaper at their sister co. (affordable mobiles) with less to pay out & less to claim back. As for claiming, from experience of their group (A1), watch them like a hawk & chase them up (they always seem to have technical issues stopping them paying on time), but they do pay out (usually after a threat to sue). For me, I intend to try elsewhere.


Phones. Co also send unlocked phones so your phone will not be locked to a carrier.


Not if you factor in the cashback: £8.99x24=£215.76 for phone and airtime. Minus £100 and a bit for the phone=just under £4.80 a month for 500min/utx/250mb. The link without the op's affiliate link is:


Almost any other deal would likely be better than this one I suspect....


Would it not make more sense to buy one and get a 30 day rolling sim .

Samsung Galaxy S4 on t-mobile, 500 min, unlimited texts, unlimited data 24x27.99 £671.76 - £200 cashback by redemption @
Found 1st May 2014Found 1st May 2014
Samsung Galaxy S4 On T-Mobile 500 min calls, unlimited texts and data. 24x£27.99 = 671.76 But £200 cashback by redemption and £40 Topcashback Total over 24 months = £439.76 equ… Read more

You're right, the phone is 4g compatible but T-Mobile only offer 3g data at best. Where I live I doubt 4g will he available for some time, even where I work I doubt it's available on any network. I'm OK with 3g speeds for the moment and for the price I can't complain. I just wanted to be as honest about the deal as possible as I know everybody will vote it cold anyway (as its a redemption deal). At least if someone searches all deals they may find it and find it perfect for them.


4g is a real deal breaker for high end phones these days I think.


He means the data plan...


Strange,I thought that the S4 was LTE.

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FREE Samsung Galaxy S4 Black ,100mins 5000texts unlimited data on Three 24 months @ £28/month @
Found 3rd Mar 2014Found 3rd Mar 2014
100mins 5000texts unlimited data

No it isnt.


21 a month on

kingchris Same contact & phone £26 / month. Or Asda Mobile Site. £25

Samsung Galaxy S3 on 3 Three 100 mins 5000 texts unltd data £18/24 Total £432 @
Found 1st Mar 2014Found 1st Mar 2014
Samsung galaxy s3 on 3 network. Free handset. 100 mins 5000 texts unltd data. £18 a month over 24 months totals £432. £432-(S3)£180=£252 £252÷24=£10.50 per month for the sim.
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You take the s3 with 400 mins less and I'll have the Moto X then. Just to put this into perspective I got a One X 2 years ago for 17 per month on the above tariff (cashback deal with mobiles . Co. Uk) . I would feel robbed paying a quid more a month for a phone that's is so old and basically in the same league as my old One x. As you know I've just got two g2s for a quid more a month. I know its only 500mb data but it has 10 times the minutes and free BT openzone.... and it's a G2!!!


as a frame of reference I got an s3 January of last year when they were still new tech on a 24month for £15 a month on three through buymobiles. cold


2 years tied in to a contract with a now already old(but capable)phone to me is not a very wise move


Does the Moto X genuinely wipe the floor with the S3? I am not so sure but do feel free to quantify that statement...the only difference between the two deals is 400 mins. S3 quad 1.4 vs Moto X dual 1.7, S3 has micro sd card slot, removable battery, bigger screen. Moto X newer phone, more ram.


Which costs a he'll of a lot less on a contract like this. The Moto X is 18 quid a month for 500 mins unlimited texts and unlimited data from mobile phones direct. Moto X whipes the floor with the S3. Heat reflects how bad this deal is I think.

Samsung Galaxy S3 on The One Plan (Three) £25 p/m 2000 minutes, 5000 Texts, Unlimited data + Tethering. £10 Automatic Cashback, £40 Quidco! @ (Phone works out at £70 if you get the cashbacks!)
Found 3rd Feb 2014Found 3rd Feb 2014
If you get the cashbacks at £50 in total it works out you are paying £70 for the phone! This will probably go cold because of the headline price, but if you are after The One Plan… Read more
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Virgin unlimited data has a fair usage policy of 3.5gb and does not support tethering.


just had a look at the uswitch SIM only deals and virgin are offering unlimited everything for £15 per month which is great if you have kids. no surprises


Aah, well I don't mind people voting cold because they don't really understand what they are voting for! I post deals to help smart people, not morons who think 99p for a pack of 10 styluses is a HUKD :p


People probably think: this is an old phone not worth paying £25pm; that's why deal is voting cold. .. but, S3 is still a great handset, not a match for things like MotoG in my opinion, that everyone are getting crazy about. I always opted for top of the range phones from "previous season" rather than latest cheap ones and S4, Z1 or HTC One are just too expensive on The One Plan. Deal should have only been voted cold if you could find equivalent offer cheaper elsewhere.


Thanks mate, appreciate the comment. It is good to know that even though stuff gets voted cold there are people here who know the difference between cheap and value for money. I am hoping some other handsets end up on £25 One Plan deals over the next few months when I am renewing my contract. If you could get a 4g handset like an Xperia Z or Z1 perhaps then it would be the bargain of a lifetime. I know a lot of people vote cold without often understanding the deal or even reading the thread but I learned some time ago to ignore heat and just look at the details of the deals to find the really good stuff :)

Nexus 5 24 Month Contract, £19.13 (effective cost) a month, 500 mins, Unlimited data and Unlimited Texts -- T-Mobile -- £130 Cashback (Term before cashback total = £648)
Found 22nd Jan 2014Found 22nd Jan 2014
Found this deal on '', the Nexus 5 is free and comes with 500 mins and Unlimited Texts and Data for only £19.13 a month effectively. The contract does officially cost £… Read more

I agree with this one but the other made no sense.


Or giffgaff it for £12 a month, 12 x 24 = 288 plus 295 = £583. Yes, it's worth the extra £65 over 24 months to NOT be tied into a 24 month contract.


This is £648 without cashback, and £518 with, how is £655 better?


I think Virgin media is doing £15 unlimited mins, text and data. so £15*24 + £295 (handset cost) is around £655. £7 more expensive but everything is unlimited and no drama with cashback

Nexus 5 - 24 Months - 500mins -ULTD txts - ULTD internet £27.00pm (£19.13 after redemption - £459 for contract term) @
Found 20th Jan 2014Found 20th Jan 2014
Very tempted by this deal, if you consider the contract worth £10 per month then the phone is costing you £220 quid.... Little bit of effort required but incredibly tempting deal … Read more
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What are the transmitter issues? I thought T-Mobile were part of EE...... Might do a bit more research before going with T-Mobile.


I took this deal in December, but cancelled due to the T-Mobile transmitter issues. I thought price was excellent. You went wrong by posting a deal with cash back. For example - This 6gb on 4g at £26 per month & works out at £13.50 with quidco goes hot at 592 The same deal that works out at £9.03 with quidco & cash back is minus 58 Doesn't make sense Heat added


Little bit of effort? The redemption plan looks like something out of the Krypton Factor

LG G2 Black on Vodafone - £19.33/month (16 months 1/2 price line rental) from (Term £463.92)
Found 6th Dec 2013Found 6th Dec 2013
Like many others I've been waiting a little while for a reasonable tariff with a free LG G2 handset. Currently you can get the coveted LG G2 for free on a £19.33/month Vodafone t… Read more
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Have dealt with a few time - had to threaten to sue them for cashback a couple of times, but they have always came through even if annoyingly late. Last claim was paid early! Waiting on one now - would say they are fine for non-redemption cashback, but a bit of a hassle for it - if the deal is significantly better, ask to match it (email submission is so much cheaper/easier/more civil).


Yeah, I ordered the LG G2 from them on Thursday and was told that I needed to ring them to verify my card with my current address. No answer Thursday, no answer Friday and no reply to my email...


I would stay away from They are another subsidiary of Look at the review sites. Personally I got stung with regard to their nonexistent customer service.


this is awesome phone I got it on the £17 deal at cpw :)


Anyone have any news about how good are with redemption deals?

Free iPhone 5c 16GB, 600min, 750MB Data, Unltd texts only £24.67 on 24m O2 contract and FREE HOTEL BREAK for 2 @phones
Found 24th Nov 2013Found 24th Nov 2013
A brilliant deal for lower users, free handset on O2 network from for only £24.67 a month (after cashback) for decent 600 minutes, Unlimited texts, and 750MB data, cos… Read more

Link not working can u sort out as sounds a good deal. Thanks Now found it. Link button does not work but link further down does. Seems a good deal but never used this company are they any good.


Indeed it is C for color. It is made extremely cheaply, but simply not sold that way.


Link doesn't work (for me)


Well, if you've a few minutes spare I'd appreciate it................ 8)


Go look. Am I your personal assistant? lol oO

Samsung Galaxy S4 - 500mins- Ultd Data- 5000 text- £25 p/m @ - Three Network
Found 24th Nov 2013Found 24th Nov 2013
500 minutes 5000 texts all you can eat data Free hotel break ( if ordered In November) Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. Try This if link is not working… Read more

I got this deal and ive been very happy with it 8)


Not sure how big a company is... I returned the handset to them by special delivery and there was apparently nobody in their office today (1pm Friday) to receive it(!). They also don't answer emails...

dvs is owned by A1 Comms who also own


this deal is showing as £29.00 for me....witth no cashback


Is this still available? Mine ist showing £129.99 for the phone!!! Is there any code what I should write in?

NEXUS 5, Free Handset £22.50pm 500 mins unlimited texts + data £540 @
Found 15th Nov 2013Found 15th Nov 2013
£540 total contract cost. So bascially £10pm for 500 mins, unlimited data and texts. Not a bad deal, no money up front! T-Mobile £27 The Full Monty (24 months) Also includes a … Read more
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link ain't working and website deal looks like after casback


Cash back deal so totally misleading figures, tmobile network


Good deal i say... added more info into your post... also includes a Free hotel break... But its T-Mobile, which alot of people on here have a massive grudge against


yeah can't get link to work on my phone, a few more details please


What network is it on?

samsung galaxy note 3 on three network with 500x network minutes , 5000 txts and unlimited data £26/24m @ Phones
Found 15th Nov 2013Found 15th Nov 2013
cheapest deal on samsung galaxy note 3 , i dont know if its a price mistake or really is £26 , i have ordered mine let c if it goes through . free phone no upfront cost . on thr… Read more

thanks claimed


Thanks hartswood will claim that why not :)


Free £40 Samsung flip wallet for any one who was lucky enough to get a Note 3. Offer details


I am glad that some got their orders. I was disappointed as I managed to cancel my order before finding out confirmation emails in the spam however I got a contract with Vodafone this afternoon that brought the smile again to my missus. Now this is not for every one but might benefit some of those missed out this deal It is in store only as the price online is different( so no cash back), I got a 12 months contract for about £45(from &57) with no upfront cost (after a 20% NHS discount{ you could get it through F& F} and dropping off the £29 upfront ,). unlimited min, texts, initially unlimited data for three month and 4gb mobile data,1gb wifi for the remainig 9 months. so total cost about £550, I thinks this is below P&G price without the 24 months tie Hope this helps someone


+1 - thanks hani for spotting the awesome deal.

HTC One (Black or Silver) Free - 600 Mins, 1GB Data, Unlimited Texts + £40 Quidco Cashback & Free Hotel Break For Two @ -  p/m
Found 4th Nov 2013Found 4th Nov 2013
Link in 1st post 600 Minutes Unlimited Texts 1GB Data 24 Months PLUS 7 months Half Price Line Rental Discount £40 cashback via Quidco too. ** Free hotel break … Read more

Well played. Flagged for spam


Deal has changed a bit now, altered title and details


The HTC Media was included with the phone. The hotel wasn't showing up as part of the deal the day I ordered.


I did think the packaging looked cheap. My phone was half charged! Can I send it back ? I haven't connected it to the network.


Mine were brand new but I am still waiting for hotel email and HTC Media link

HTC One (32GB / 4G Ready)  Silver - 500 mins - Unlimited Data - 5000 texts £26 PM @ (THREE Network)
Found 23rd Oct 2013Found 23rd Oct 2013
£26 PM per month, unlimited data, no silly redemption or posting claim forms online + £40 Quidco The HTC One will change the way you think about smartphones. With breathtaking inn… Read more
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Showing up front cost of £131.99 am I reading this right?


Yeah, I used to carry a ton of music around too.......until the penny eventually dropped that I probably listened to 10% of it!


For me personally, it's not enough, I have more music than that which i would like to carry around, but I take your point for general use.


Yep, you're right. Still OK for those who are into this type of thing. Not for me, though.


£26.25 pm After Cash Back

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - 100 mins / 5000 txt / unltd data - £17pm @ (Three network) = £408
Found 21st Oct 2013Found 21st Oct 2013
I don't normally bother with contract deals, preferring to buy sim-free, but this seems like a decent bargain. £17per month on a phone of this calibre is a reasonable price, but wh… Read more
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they're charging £165 for the phone now, think we just got a brilliant deal since they realized their mistake.


Mine is getting delivered tomorrow, I went via TCB Thanks OP.


£42 from TCB


Now if I could find a similar where more minutes are exchanged for less data.....


Cheers, totally forgot to look at Quidco. Have added to the OP.

S4 mini 24 months @£17 = £408
Found 12th Oct 2013Found 12th Oct 2013
Been looking for a cheapish contract phone phone its self near to the total price plus its with Three 100 Minutes Unlimited Data 5000 Texts
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Forgot to update this. After calling and chasing they did send the phone quite quickly but there seemed to be some confusion on their end and to whether the phone was actually in stock so in the end they were OK to deal with but needed chasing. Certainly not Amazon level of service.


expired, they're charging £165 for the phone now


Company seems to be part of / A1 Comms Ltd. I've bought from them but despite their stock page saying in stock I've had a notification saying out of stock. I've done a web chat on the website and been told that they often go out of stock quickly but that they get several deliveries per week so should still get my phone soon and the fact that the website still says in stock probably means they are expecting a delivery today. I guess we'll soon find out how reputable these people are...


£42 through topcashback


Sony sp also for the same price.