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IPhone 6 64gb FREE - 24 Months Unlimited minutes/texts + 7gb 4G data + 24 months Sky Sports Mobile (+ £50 Quidco Cashback)
Found 14th Sep 2014Found 14th Sep 2014
So, was searching for the best iPhone 6 deal, and if my maths is correct you can get the 64gb iPhone 6 for £994 all in. (7gb of 4G data, unlimited calls/texts + Sky Sports OR Spoti… Read more

lmao. He's too dumb to figure it out for himself



You've overlooked one small detail.


Yea EE F...... Them up big style.


No they don't lol look again.

Sony Z1 Compact Sim Free @ Phones 4U £309.95 Plus £6.50 Quidco
Found 12th Sep 2014Found 12th Sep 2014
Sony Z1 Compact Sim Free only £309.95 Plus £6.50 Quidco This is an excellent compact phone for anyone wanting a smaller sized phone this is the one.

Expired .


Yep, under £350 from Clove:


cold.... the z3 compact is only £40 more. ...


Is this as good as the iPhone 6?


Sony Xperia Z3 Compact vs Xperia Z1 Compact - Qui…:

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I am also not happy with the price, this is probably the cheapest way of buying  an iphone 6 plus. Plz do not vote cold. + £10 credit + screen protector (£10)  with probabily £6.5 cash back @ phones4u
Found 12th Sep 2014Found 12th Sep 2014
Could save you some £££. It will lock to the 1st sim. You do NOT have to insert the sim that come with the phone. You could sell the sim.
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UK retailer Phones4U confirmed today in a public statement that it is canceling all iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders as the company enters administration


Well they may not of gone bust as you say but they certainly are not trading as of today. My wife has a contract with their mobile network Life mobile and even their website is down today.


They havent gone bust, they have been "Forced" into administration because they will no longer have any product to sell. They still have plenty of cash and probably stock but all the operators have cancelled their contract with them. All the operators are in cahoots with each other which they totally deny but it is blantant. 24 & 36 month contacts were forced on the market to do exactly what has happened to reduce the contact payment to middle companies and to help the operators bump up there own sales up and make their figures better. Its such a shame their will be little market left now and we will all have to go with the operators direct through their own sales channels and shops.


They've just gone bust


Putting iphone in the title tends to result in cold votes, not because it's a bad product but because it's got good design but it's overpriced and strangely the market will bear that price. On a side note the Apple watch apparently comes with a unique knob! Makes me smile every time I think about it! :)

Moto E - 1,000 Mins, Unltd Texts, 500MB Data - 12 Months - £44.98 instore @ Phones4U
Found 8th Sep 2014Found 8th Sep 2014
moto E from phones4u super cheap Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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then this title is misleading


basically its a 12 sim only contract which you have to pay each month. phones 4 u have a promotion where if you take one of these 12 month deals out you get a discount on one of their handsets,in this case the moto e. you will have to pay 44 quid in the shop and then whatever the monthly price of the sim you choose is after 2 or 3 weeks.i believe they start at around 15 quid to qualify for the discounted phone


Pls post clear what's the offer


Finally what's the offer ;;


is this 44 quid including 12 months mins texts etc. that's what the title of this deals is saying

Nokia 635 Sim Free @ Phones 4U £119.95 Free Delivery
Found 6th Sep 2014Found 6th Sep 2014
If you like a Windows Phone this is a great price for a sim free Nokia 635

must be some two bob company


Brilliant quick phone


I dont like Windows phones at all, but for those that do this could be a serious option. Not for me but for the specs the price is good so Heat Added .


The phone comes unlocked from P4U. I am not sure about Three but works on all othr networks. Picked one up last week. IMO it can easily be mistaken for the Iphone 5C.


It's my personal phone, not being a 15 year old girl, I don't need a front facing duck face selfie camera.

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Phones 4u iphone 5c 32gb for price of 8gb plus £50 automatic cashback £29.99 pm @ Phones4U
Found 5th Sep 2014Found 5th Sep 2014
Lots of different price plans but for the low mins user you can get 250 mins unltd texts and data plus £50 automatic cash back.

my daughter wants a 5c for her birthday, still going for £250 on ebay etc.....i know the minute that i buy one that the 6 will be out and the prices drop by £100


iPhone 6 is due out soon, so there may be more price drops on the 5C. I'd wait for now and see what happens when the 6 is released


My iPhone 5c is still in the cupboard, it's such a boring os now


Price will drop further


Cold iphone 6 coming out soon

Nokia Lumia 520 £59.95 @ Phones4u
Found 24th Aug 2014Found 24th Aug 2014
Nice Phone at a very nice price.... pls pls don't compare this with any other Android Phone like Moto G. Dare to compare this with a similar windows phone... HUKDers got me comple… Read more

£10 more now - £69.99 + topup


Thank you for this. I was looking to buy this phone just to use abroad with a new 3 SIM without paying huge Vodafone fees - my phone is unlocked so can use a 3 SIM but my Parents phone's don't work abroad so this was really just for them. This was the one I was going to buy but a refurb one but this was only £3 more. So now I have a backup smartphone for use abroad and my Parents can use this whilst with us in USA so we can keep in contact.


****, I'm on 3. Many thanks.


Not for SIM free one, but on payg ->


[quote=raj75]lot of people are mentioning CPW payg upgrade offers above, but very few are eligible. however this phones4u offer is eligible to all and you also get.. gourmet 1 year membership (worth atleast £15) £10 top-up possible quidco/tcb £6.50 . TCB tracks @ £6.56 - where do you get the £10 top-up from?

Found 14th Aug 2014Found 14th Aug 2014
Cheaper than Amazon!sim free pay as you go on phones4u
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Omg loool thanks to me they have no more in stock!!


Why didn't I make it to the newsletter


Nice, great phone for the money, smart looking too, have some heat :)




What about Welsh? It is a generally accepted convention, globally, that postings on English language forums should be in English.

Samsung Galaxy S4 + Galaxy Tab 3 + Bluetooth speaker + £150 currys gift card - £37.99 per month @ phones4u curry stores
Found 2nd Aug 2014Found 2nd Aug 2014
MUST BE A PHONES 4U SHOP WITHIN CURRYS Just been in today and they are offering: 1 x Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, unlimited minutes + texts + 4GB data. 1 x Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab7" wort… Read more

The Manager of Phones4U thought it was the best commission generator he'd ever seen, more like ;)


Fair enough, I thought it was at the time but realise it's not that good now. Fortunately I didn't take it


That's not even a good deal dude


Nearly a grand for a last generation phone!!! No thanks

sony xperia m2 £42 a month.. 4gb data..unlimited mins & texts .+ cashback & loads of free goodies @ phones4u instore
Found 31st Jul 2014Found 31st Jul 2014
went down to phones for you to upgrade my contract..offered me a xperia m2..showed a interest..for £42 a month.. 4gb data..unlimited mins & texts..i got £250 cashback there and… Read more

Since you've been a member for 5 hours I do hope you're just trolling. If not, return it ASAP!


Ripped off lol


A whole £1,000. It really makes you think how we are happy to pay £42 a month (well I don't but you know what I mean), but lay it out over 2 years and we're all like, HOW MUCH!!


This has to be a joke one right?


EE offer 4GB of double speed data, unlimited mins/ texts for £26.99 / 24 months = £648 and maybe cashback via TCB or Quidco and that's not even an amazingly great deal

Samsung Galaxy S5 £29.99pm - £84 TCB - 1000 minutes, Unlimited Texts, 1GB 4G data, £Nothing up front for handset + Free Glass Screen Protector - EE  total price £719.76 (£635.76 after cashback)@ P4U
Found 28th Jul 2014Found 28th Jul 2014
Queue the cold votes because of the mention of TCB... I've earned over £1k of free money from this site and never had a problem getting the money so I'm going to count it in the d… Read more

what happens when you go over the 1gb allowance? I'm not a heavy user and I hit 4gb most months


How much per month?


Excellent comment, said no one ever.


Carphone Warehouse Offer Vodafone; 24 month contract for the S5 4GB 4G Data Unlimited Calls + Texts Also includes 3 months Netflixor alternative CPW give £100 on any smartphone (even an old broken smartphone) which they immediately take back due to their £100 upfront cost. If you give them a half decent phone, they also give you the value for that phone (i.e, an S3 = £80) + £43 TCB One things I'd say about any 4G 24 month contact is that 4G will drop in price and 1 months from now you may well find yourself using 4G easily, especially if you get used to watching TV on you phone or use other apps. IMO there is no contest between Vodafone and EE, EE have gone so far down hill with coverage and customer service that I wonder if they'll still be around in two years.


My deal is better…….. Infinity texts and calls and 8001mb 5g data and an s6 for 479 over 23 months. You can get it, but I'd have to kill you once you got it, so not really worth it.

Nokia Lumia 635 4G ready £109.95 Phones4U PAYG Unlocked
Found 27th Jul 2014Found 27th Jul 2014
Cheapest I can find anywhere £10 top up required as with all mobiles but if you're on a contract or sim only deal you can get the £10 credited to your account £109.95 + £10 TopUp… Read more
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512MB RAM? Oh dear!


This is the second windows phone I have owned and it a pile of disappointingly bad crap 512mb ram so memory for apps is tight. The screen is slow, and as it leaks data like a sieve it is definitely NOT recommended for Pay As You customers unless they have deep pockets. I think they should change the brand name to Dyson, as, apparently they consistently SUCK...!


Oh look it's the brainwashed fanatics brigade...


Do you mean the Finnish Company known as Nokia is NOW in the hands of the Isrealis? Nokia



Motorola Moto G 4G (Black or White) SIM Free @ Phones4U (£6.50 Quidco, Free 1 Year Gourmet Society Membership) - £139.95
Found 23rd Jul 2014Found 23rd Jul 2014
£133.45 with Quicdo! This to me looks like the best you can get in terms of price unless you have ClubCard points to exchange. Plus the Gourmet Society cards do go for a few quid o… Read more
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Last 3 Phones I Had Came With Main Charger : - Sony Xperia Z1 - Samsung Galaxy S4 - Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini A Mains Charger Should Always Be Standard !


The deal is now finished - phones4u whacked this back up to £159.95 pretty quick!


Okay, thanks guys.


Not true. Tesco are known to get Moto G updates before retail.


I have the Tesco one from Nov 2013. Update went through 3 days ago.

Buy the Nokia Lumia 930 by 31st July and get a free wireless charger & speaker (worth £130) & a £20 Windows Store voucher @ Phones4U
Found 21st Jul 2014Found 21st Jul 2014
The new Nokia Lumia 930 white edition is available exclusively through Phones 4u. And when you buy it, you’ll also get an exclusive pack including matching white wireless speaker, … Read more

That's a pretty good deal, as only seen this deal else where on EE so far, and now got an opportunity to buy on different network. Also Phones 4U phones are SIM Free.


depends on your needs really ill keep an android tablet for home use for running emulators and other androidy things but as a phone for daily use its like a breath of fresh air I love it


Great phone. Just check you'll get your promised wireless pack, read the 'subject to availability' in the terms and conditions.


Offer not exclusive to P4U. Whilst it's better than nothing, I personally think MS could do better. I'm tempted but will probably resist and get the next one.


I'm currently on android and thinking of switching to windows and this phone, would you recommend it then?

samsung s5 £29 per month with 4G, EE @ phones4u
Found 19th Jul 2014Found 19th Jul 2014
I was looking a mobile and come across this deal, deal is 24 Month 4G 29.99 1000 Minutes Unlimited Texts 1GB Data 1000 Min Unlimited Text 1 GB Data. Shared Via The HUKD App For A… Read more
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U got a good deal then :)


I have just taken out this deal and I wasn't happy for some. Reason I had used 40% of the allowance in 6 days! Bearing in mind I had the same apps and did all the same stuff I did on my s4 with the same 1gb data a month and never used that much. So I rang up and complained, hehe the 1st time I rang they said to get a 3rd party app and see what's using data. Later that day I rang again and then I was given a better deal ☺ Unlimited min Unlimited text 5gb 4g data for the same price! £29.99 a month! Thank you EE ☺


The only reason I can think of is the lower frequency 4g penetrates buildings better than 3g. but as there is still such a lack of 4g it's a pretty poor reason


Avoid avoid!!


Why have the latest 4G phone and virtually no data to experience the 4G with? Plus as others have commented, terrible customer service from this company. Not a good deal.

Moto G 4G 8GB Sim Free Smartphone - Black or White - £139.99 @ Phones 4 U. (+ Possible Cashback of £5.25 @ TopCashBack or £6.50 @ Quidco)
Found 19th Jul 2014Found 19th Jul 2014
Basic Price of £139.99 which is still the cheapest available. Plus possible £5.25 Cashback for TopCash Back Plus members: _________________… Read more

Now free Horrible company. Good riddance.


It's £159.95 now.


I was looking at this for £159 on amazon but this is a very good deal :) Heat!


Hiya. Just to let you know that Motorola have now dealt with this issue. I received the update dealing with the SD card this morning.


1-2mb download speed today is not acceptable, tmobile tried to cap everyone at 4mb and they where up in arms but the majority of people whos been complaining on giffgaff has been huge. Its started at least at the end of last year, and there is just thread after thread about it. So yes, it might be the first problem you have had, but its the problem the majority of people are now having. Fine if you want/need 2g services, or the limited 1gb of 4g. but 3g... no.

Sony Xperia E1 with £10 PAYG credit £79.95 but after TCB £6.82 this unlocked mobile's really costing you £63.13 @ Phones4U - you also get a free Sony bluetooth headset worth £25
Found 17th Jul 2014Found 17th Jul 2014
Decent deal, as a sim-free Xperia E1 runs @ £85 so you're saving £22 (these are unlocked). You can choose from various networks for your £10 PAYG credit but you're not tied to them… Read more
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Still good to go & my Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset sold for £28


I've had quite a few problems with getting Google maps to lock on to GPS in rural areas and/or getting data to get me going. I'd recommend having an offline satnav (e.g NavFree or Mapfactor) as a back up if your phone has the space for it.


All the Navigation apps use the GPS chipset in the phone. These triangulate your location based on multiple satellites. Wifi is used to determine location where GPS signals are weak or hard to lock onto e.g. in a big city with tall buildings and no line of sight for satellite locks. Having said than most new GPS chips are so good they get a lock even when the phone is in a glove box of a car or in the middle of a house. Wifi Access points send out lots on information that is in the clear the SSID, the MAC address etc. This is sent out in the clear as devices need to see this to connect. Even when data is encrypted with WEP, WPA etc it is is the data (Payload) that in encrypted the headers are still open. If you take the example of Google Maps they driver cars around that scans all the Wifi data. They log the unique parts of the data and by seeing what was visible by their cars at specific locations they can determine where you are. Apple and others to much the same. Also for Traffic Google uses the speed of each Maps user to update its real time traffic stats. This allows improved routing as if there are people stuck in traffic you will be routed around this. If you need there are free off line GPS apps and you can download maps for Google Maps before you leave for a jounery to have off line navigation (of course you will not get traffic related route changes in real time) FYI WEP should not be used it is broken and can be cracked in seconds, best to use WPA2 with a long (>15 char) key. Hiding your SSID does nothing to improve security.


Free Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset With this deal you will also receive a Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset. Bluetooth 3.0* •Multipoint connectivity •NFC


Can anyone post a link to free sony headset as i can not find it on there website?

Sony Xperia E Sim Free @ Phones4u for £59.95 in 3 colours
Found 15th Jul 2014Found 15th Jul 2014
Nice little sim free, basic android phone comes in black, red and white. Specifications: Display - 3.50-inch OS - Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Processor - 1GHz Storage - 4GB RAM -… Read more

Just bought one from Amazon . I must say it's not as bad as the reviews make out. I bought a 32 G memory card also. Does what it's says on the tin. I use it as a back up as I lost my 5S so it's Mainly for calls and text. The sound is good from the music player. You get what you pay for and for under 60 notes you can't go wrong. Hope this helps.


The reviews are poor for this phone. Does anyone have one and is it as bad as the reviewers state?