Photo book for £4.60 (INC POSTAGE) Should be £20+ @ Albelli

Photo book for £4.60 (INC POSTAGE) Should be £20+ @ Albelli

Found 3rd Dec 2012
I think this is a really good deal.
24 page photo album for less than £5.00 with a welcome gift of £15.
Loads of different albums, I've just ordered the £15.95 one, cost me less than a fiver including postage

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Good price thanks
You're welcome
Glad it helped someone
fabulous thanks will order tonight
Going to have a look now, needed some inspiration for xmas so thank you!
Good price. Thanks
Made up it's useful!
Albelli are fantastic. Had several photo books from them in the last couple of years and they've been excellent (I've spent a bit more on glossy paper). Cheers OP - time to order a new one!
Looks good.
Great deal, but don't bother with the gloss option, its not printed on glossy paper, its a gloss film on top of their regular paper and makes no real difference to the look of your photos.
Nice present for Grandma, cheers.
Arh man i made a photo book last week
I've got one and it's lovely, the £15 was a bonus too!
Heat added and ordered. Mine came to £3.95 though.
Great deal! Shame it doesn't extend to gift vouchers. We are hoping to get this for a family friend, but so he can put his own photos in and design it himself, so a gift voucher is the logical choice. Hopefully he can get the offer when he redeems his voucher.
which shape and form did you pick please to get it for £4.60.
Where is the offer? Is it on the site cause I went on and couldn't find how to get money off the photo books, can someone help please? Thanks.
Nice find, I just need to be organised enough to create one in time!
Think it finished already
Ok worked it out apply the code GIFT at payment page and it knocks off £15 for being a new customer
love xmas idea
anyone know when this offer runs to. Only it will take me a few days to get all my photos together.
Anyone know if this can be used on Calendars or just photo books?
amazing price
Still works, cheers
Can be used on anything
you can go through quidco as well for 10% cash back as well.
I think it is on till the 12 th of December.
Great present idea. Just made one for my mum. Paid £3.95 extra for a photo cover.
whats the quality like?
The Quality is very good. Just check what the size looks like on a tape measure! I ordered one and thought it would be bigger but it was the stated size. Remember to go through Quidco as well. You can either download a programme or do it on line. Easy to do just takes time picking the photos you want to use if you have lots!
Is this still available? What do you do to get £15 welcome offer?
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