Pick and mix Screws / Bolts etc from £1.99 per bag instore at Wilko Nottingham

Pick and mix Screws / Bolts etc from £1.99 per bag instore at Wilko Nottingham

LocalFound 8th Feb 2018

Inoticed in the Nottingham store (Broadmarsh) that you can fill a small or large bag with an assortment of screws bolts etc from just £1.99. A real saving compared to the pre packed items and you can buy exactly what you need.
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A bag of "blots", don't let them near anything.

You might need some "Wilko Oxi Plus Stain Remover" as well.
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Yes, it's everywhere. It's amazing how much you can cram in if you try hard. Sometimes the more useful sizes are empty. Sometimes they only have the small bags.
Large bag is 2.99 or at least was last time
Agree this is nationwide but still a bargain

Try not to go on a weekend or as Jasee says there are often bits empty

If you want to buy any bits individually (I had to buy some washers) they are all individually priced at 2p
There's no midget gems anywhere
maffeycourt8 m ago

There's no midget gems anywhere

Would advise against chewing on one of these nuts
This has been available in my Wilko for over a year. Does no harm to spread the word though

Many of the bins are often empty in my local.
Try your local Homebase for hardware stuff as well, as many of them have 50% off of things - bag of wall plugs only 5p and lots more.
Their screws are made of cheese metal. Beware.
stop screwing around!!
As a table top war gamer, 400+ 25mm metal bases (25mm Washers) for £2.99 is a bargain.

Just be careful if you really fill the bag.
A friend packed it as full as he could.
All was fine, until the cashier dropped the bag and the seam gave.
I bought a whole bag of these about two years ago, and haven't used a single one.
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Good deal but regular price. Larger bag is much better value. When you get home you can sit down for a couple of evenings and sort out your 'mixed' buy into the different sizes again!
Couldn't believe how much I got into the large bag and realised I could have got a bit more in if I'd perfected my shaking technique. Bag seems like 1-2kg in weight. Put in the large items then filled the gaps with small screws. Only just managed to seal the bag. Felt I cheated myself when after walking to the till a pocket of space appeared at the top of the bag. Only about 6 items are in the bag that I actually need at this moment in time, another 600 probably for future use.


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