Picnic Backpack, 4 Person £9.89 @amazon

Picnic Backpack, 4 Person £9.89 @amazon

Found 24th Oct 2008
Picnic Backpack, 4 Person


review on amazon
I bought this in June but with such an awful summer this year didn't get to use it until September. First outing the corkscrew snapped on the very first bottle of wine - luckily I had pliers to remove it and borrowed another one. Got home and the zip attaching the two bags together came apart, making it now impossible to join them. Fortunately I only paid £20 as it was on offer at the time, but this still seems pretty expensive for what now seems to have been a disposable item, although of course it is still useable and not worth the fuss of returning it - any replacement is unlikely to be of better quality.

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