Picoo-Z - Tandem-Z  £14.99 delivered at Amazon

Picoo-Z - Tandem-Z £14.99 delivered at Amazon

Found 17th Sep 2009
Same price as Play.com but better customer service with Amazon should anything go wrong.

Picoo-Z - Tandem-Z

Product Description
Be warned. This is no ordinary radio controlled helicopter. This is the TandemZ. A full three channel, auto stable system with twin propellers and an advanced multi-role set-up that requires skill, brains and determination to master. In appearance, the TandemZ closely resembles the iconic Sea Knight Helicopter, a vehicle famed for its assault transportation of combat troops and its ability to land on aircraft carriers. The twin propeller system is a striking feature of this unique style of helicopter, and providing greater stability, greater control and added power when airborne. With the TandemZ being a full 3 channel radio controlled unit, users are able to control the flight altitude, forwards and backwards movement and the direction of flight. Easier said than done. The handheld control unit (which doubles as the charging base for the TandemZ) is more complex than the standard R/C chopper, incorporating controls for Yaw trimming (direction), Pitch trimming (hovering angle), Throttle (altitude), Direction (forward/backward movement) and an additional headlight switch for flying in the dark. With guidance from the instruction booklet and a little practice, users will quickly appreciate the added control that the TandemZ offers and once mastered, can attempt more challenging stunts than ever before.

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just ordred one for my OH for xmas......ta muchly

Better customer service with Amazon - I don't think so - Not from mine and many more peoples experiences.
+ you can get Quicdco with Play so voted Cold
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