PicooZ Skybot Attack - was £54.99 now £33.49 @ Smyths Toys

PicooZ Skybot Attack - was £54.99 now £33.49 @ Smyths Toys

Found 25th Oct 2009
Probably get shot down for this as per last 2 posts on r/c stuff, but on a like for like price comparrison, the next best I have seen is £49.99, so this is over £16 cheaper than that.

About the product:

Blast your opponent with real infra red targeting! Two battling robots that can be flown together with infra red control. With sound effects and LED lighting signals. Out-manoeuvre your opponent and use the integral laser beam to disable their rotors. So easy to control and stable to fly. Comes with built-in Li-Poly rechargeable batteries for longer flying time.

More onfo from official Silverlit site, including video - silverlit-flyingclub.com/sky…ck/

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These look really good-heat from me, what a shame they arent available online.
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