Picross 3D Round 2 (Nintendo 3DS) £12.95 inc. shipping @ Coolshop

Picross 3D Round 2 (Nintendo 3DS) £12.95 inc. shipping @ Coolshop

Found 30th Jul 2017
Right so I've become super addicted to Pokemon Picross on my 3DS. It is FREE from the 3DS eShop and recommend you try it out.

It is a number puzzle game that IMO is way more fun than sudoku. Plus you usually get a pretty picture at the end of it.
This game takes it to the next level and adds another dimension!

If you like puzzle games and unsure of what this is about there is a FREE demo available from the Nintendo eShop and here is a quick look for the game.

It is usually available for around £18-19 from Amazon etc, but popped up super cheap here.

It is also in the Nintendo eShop sale, but for over £20!!

There is 4% Quidco too, but they only seem to be rated 2 stars on there, so don't hold your breath.

Either way, a great little game that people should give a go
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I love Picross
Have been waiting for a good price on this, thanks OP
thanks for this. Good price, am tempted! Coolshop have been good for me in the past regarding service
I play this and pokemon picross every night, great games. Determined to compete pokemon for free
Up to World 20 I think, getting pretty consistent on 24picrites from the daily training..
Avoid the freemium pokemon picross on the eshop. The genuine games are better with no pay for play nonsense. Heat for this. (fwiw the other regular picross games are usually on sale and worth a look but i suspect anyone looking at this deal will know that)
I highly recommend the Picross e series of games from the eshop, I think there's 6 of them in total
Showing as £26.45 now, it won't let me expire the deal from the mobile app.
Edited by: "paully" 30th Jul 2017
I found this way easier than the original one and I've still not fully completed the original one. I got all the stamps and the only thing left over for me to do if the amiibo ones which I do not have.
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