Pictureka Disney Edition Game - £6.47 @ Amazon

Pictureka Disney Edition Game - £6.47 @ Amazon

Found 21st Apr 2011
Usually around £20.
A whole host of Disney characters are hiding from you, and you'll need to find them when you play Pictureka! Disney Edition . Set out the nine gameboard tiles, then take it in turns to draw cards. Roll the dice, and race against your friends, or the timer , to spot the characters on each card, to win that card. The player who finishes the game with the most cards wins! Your favourite Disney characters , from Aladdin and Tinkerbell to Sleeping Beauty and Mickey, appear in the wacky Pictureka! doodle style . Ramp up the challenge, by combining gameboard tiles and cards with other Pictureka! sets. Pictureka! Disney Edition is a fun game for the whole family, that can help develop observation skills.

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