Pie In The Sky: Complete Series 1/2/3/4/5: 16dvd: Box Set only £39.99 delivered or less @ HMV!

Pie In The Sky: Complete Series 1/2/3/4/5: 16dvd: Box Set only £39.99 delivered or less @ HMV!

Found 15th May 2008
A good price for this set! Quidco and vouchers bring the price down even more!

Tales of crime and culinary wizardry are interwoven in this classic BBC series about a reluctant detective whose dream of turning restaurateur could be just within his grasp. Henry Crabbe has reached the end of his tether as a plain clothes DU. After years of toiling in the force; he is about to take early retirement. With a passion for food and a talent for cooking, he is ready to fulfil his own personal dream - to buy his very own restaurant, PIE IN THE SKY. This fantastic DVD box set features every episode from the complete series 1-5 of this much loved, light-hearted drama. Series 1 - 1 The Best Of Both Worlds, 2 The Truth Will Out, 3 An Innocent Man, 4 Once A Copper, 5 A Shot In The Dark, 6 Undesirable Elements, 7 Passion Fruit Fool, 8 A Matter Of Taste, 9 Who Only Stand And Wait, 10 Endangered Species. Series 2 - 1 Hard Cheese, 2 Brown Bread, 3 The Policeman's Daughter, 4 The One That Got Away, 5 Dead Right, 6 Black Pudding, 7 Swan In His Pride, 8 The Mild Bunch, 9 The Mystery Of Pikey, 10 Lemon Twist. Series 3 - 1 Money Talks, 2 Game Pie, 3 Irish Stew, 4 Doggett's Coat And Badge, 5 This Other Eden, 6 Coddled Eggs. Series 4 - 1 Devils On Horseback (Part 1), 2 Devils On Horseback (Part 2), 3 Chinese Whispers, 4 New Leaf, 5 Breaking Bread, 6 Gary's Cake. Series 5 - 1 Squashed Tomatoes, 2 Ugly Customers, 3 Pork Pies, 4 Cutting The Mustard, 5 Return Match, 6 The Apprentice, 7 In The Smoke, 8 Smelling Of Roses.

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Ooh I loved this tv series! Would buy if I had £40 spare!
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