Pierre Le Duc 1978 Armagnac £15.99 at Aldi 50cl.

Pierre Le Duc 1978 Armagnac £15.99 at Aldi 50cl.

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Edited by:"LesD"Found 25th Jan
One of Aldi's premium Christmas spirit offers. 40 year-old aged Armagnac. May still be around in some stores and was on offer today with a SEL saying reduced from £27.99 to £19.99. But it scanned at £15.99.

Olly Smith's view..........

"PRUNE POWER:Pierre Le Duc 1978 Armagnac (40%) £27.99 Aldi. Powerful spirit with huge warming prune-like richness. Top Christmas buy for value."
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If anyone wants to know more about Armagnac, and, in particular, the 'Ténarèze' word on the label (apologies if you know it already!), here's an interesting article...

Quite a number of bottles on the shelf in the Newcastle, Westerhope branch.
Okay LSD
WTF are you doing,! Please don't try and educate the public. 1. This one of France's best secrets, and 2. The population have voted out! Let's keep this little gem for ourselves please note that the sunglasses are Vuarnet, another gem 😁
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