Pikmin 2 (Wii) (Pre-owned) - £9 @ Tesco Entertainment

Pikmin 2 (Wii) (Pre-owned) - £9 @ Tesco Entertainment

Found 25th Mar 2011
Great deal already posted but showing as expired on the OP.

Being charged about £19 by ebay and more by others.

Best bit is though I ordered this as a pre-owned copy it arrived in as good as new condition (Ok no cellophane wrap) with all the manuals intact even the club Nintendo scratch off card hasnt been touched meaning I can scratch this off and register the game myself for Nintendo Points.

Worth a look for those after the game as its not readily available in the highstreet now


£6 - £7 for a second hand game on Amazon

Horg this game is very rare so doubt that price

BTW Only £9.99 new on Amazon!!

Horg, your link isn't working properly, but the cheapest Pikmin 2 is £20 including shipping from a 3rd party [Amazon £20.64] and the cheapest used is £17.92 all in.

The eariler Pikmin is £9.99.

I have previously bought one of these and it was open but absolutely pristine as has been most of the 2nd hand stuff I have bought from Tesco recently. Great game.

very rare on gamecube, extremely common on wii

Original Poster

Horg seems to be confusing this with the prequel Pikmin 1

Poor Horg, a bit confused perhaps?


very rare on gamecube, extremely common on wii

That's not true at all, I would guess that the print runs were similar.
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