Pilgrims choice 19p @ Morrisons whitefield

Pilgrims choice 19p @ Morrisons whitefield

Found 8th Jul 2014
Morrisons whitefield


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Sorry 19p

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This is my first post so sorry for the poor job!

No worries but remember mark downs ,will not be voted hot as they are not available to everyone .(_;)

aww bless. enjoy ur bargain!



This is my first post so sorry for the poor job!

Thanks for the post, this is a store specific offer which will be why the votes are heading south, don't be put off though, nice deal for you, heat added.

Made my day, thanks.

Maybe next time :P

Was this a reduced to clear offer? Tesco getting rid of food that was close to expiry date? If so its usually not worth posting reduced to clear items from Tesco, or any other supermarket, as they are something that almost all supermarkets do, yet are only available at the time for a very short period of time. Rather than clearance offers.. Please look at some of the posts that other have done on this site as that will give you a better idea of the deals that people are posting on HUKD..
Also when posting try to give as much information as possible, incuding a full description of the product, size of the product, if its a National or Local deal (If you can see the information)

Thanks for the post, appreciated..

The thought and effort was appreciated op. As others have said, so no need to repeat, but please post in future when you do find a bargain (that others can also get)

Id be chuffed with that too, ignore the negative people, don't let it put you off future posts! Hot!

What else did you get?

Glad to see so many positive comments on here, and what a bargain you got there!


Have some heat, my favourite cheese. Pity it is only local to you.

My shop tonight , notice the multibuys still come off


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Congrats on you first post. Added some heat as you never know you might help someone. It was a good find, as others have said don't be put off posting deals because it's cold. Oh and welcome to HUKD

oh come on, mark downs which are out of date while being potentially a deal that one person who gets the one available item, is not a deal to all. sorry op but cold. Perhaps your next deal will be more inclusive and less of a "Hey everybody, look what I got and you didnt" kind of post.


My shop tonight , notice the multibuys still come off

That's a student shop if iv ever seen one. ha!

The 3 for 10 pound deals in the reduced section are brilliant. I got 30 packets of mince once, reduced from £4 to 40p, due to the multibuy double discount the 30 packs came to -£8 so got 10 cans of stella for £2

Good find

Good offer there
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