pilgrims choice mature cheese flavour rating 6 half price @£3.70/kg

pilgrims choice mature cheese flavour rating 6 half price @£3.70/kg

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I do like the Pilgrims Cheese:thumbsup:

£3.70 per kilo sounds like a very good price. However, I can't find any evidence of this price at my online store. I have Pilgrims Choice Farmhouse Mature Cheddar 370g - £2.50 = £6.76/kg, Pilgrims Choice Mature 400g - £2.00 = £5.00/kg and Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature 400g - £3.00 = £7.50/kg. I can't find anything cheaper than this though.


Tons of the stuff in stock at this price BOGOF in Trowbridge

I got this deal today, so thanks to the OP.

I think it would have helped me to find it if it had been emphasised that this cheese is not to be found in the pre-packed cheese section. Rather, in my local store it was in the little section next to the loose cheese counter where they have blocks of cheese wrapped in cling film. This is Pilgrims Choice Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar which 'is traditionally handmade at Parkhams Farm in Devon, using local milk. Naturally matured for an average of 15 months, it is checked by our graders to ensure a consistent open texture, and farmhouse flavour. Vintage Farmhouse has a flavour level 6 and is suitable for vegetarians'. Below is an image of the pre-packed version, though as I say, the cheese in this deal is not pre-packed


This is normally more expensive than the other cheeses in the Pilgrims Choice range, so this is a very good price. Bearing in mind, it works out cheaper than the current BOGOF deal on Tesco Davidstow Mature Cheddar. That cheese is only matured for 11 months and has a strength rating of 3.

As far as I can make out, this deal is in store only.


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thanks for your comments, there was a massive poster behind the deli in my store, Beduff, which is how i noticed it.
I assumed the fact i posted the price per kilo people would realise it was not prepacked from the fridges.:thumbsup:
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