Pilgrims Choice Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar £4.50/kg HALF PRICE (instore & online) @ Tesco

Pilgrims Choice Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar £4.50/kg HALF PRICE (instore & online) @ Tesco

Found 4th Oct 2012Made hot 5th Oct 2012
.Pilgrims Choice Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar £4.50/kg from the deli counter instore or online at Tesco until 9th October.

Excellent cheese and a lot cheaper than the packaged deals.


Tasty cheese - I thought this was a good price when I picked up a few kilos last week.

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Agree! Seems to have been totally overlooked on here this time around... works out much better value than the pre packaged stuff down the dairy isle.
Normal packaged are 350gm for circa £2- £2.50 on special, so the per kg equivalent is much better with this!

cheese police must be off duty

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy cheeeeeeeeeeese lol

have sum heeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Nice one, the cheese off the deli is so much tastier than the pre-packed stuff, great when it works out cheaper and all, will stock up.

Hot from me.:)

I bought this last week, only because of the price, I can handle normal mature cheddar - very 'ripe' tasting, wear your socks for a couple of weeks then boil them in water, paying extra attention to include any dry skin (a ped egg would be useful perhaps). Serve luke warm. I imagine it to taste just the same. Yum.

'Ullo, 'Ullo, 'Ullo, what do we 'ave 'ere then?

Cor blimme guvner a right case of tough cheddar.

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