Pillow pets Teenage mutant ninja turtles Dream lites £11.99 in Home Bargains

Pillow pets Teenage mutant ninja turtles Dream lites £11.99 in Home Bargains

LocalFound 26th Oct 2014
I see the pillow version is posted, but can't see the dream lites version here. They had quite a few in Derby town centre earlier today. I got the last coolest turtle (Raphael of course) on the shelf.

I'd assume they'll be in other Home bargains. I can't find them on their website though.
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I got 2 of the TMNT from beeston store they also had scooby doo dreamlites in there hot from me, a great bargain
Oh yes, I saw the scooby doo one too, but it was hidden at the back of the shop. It wasn't easy to see like these ones!
Oooooh I like the sound of these. What us the 'dream lites?' If any one sees Raph in Liverpool let me know
Loads in my local too & scooby doo ones
Cool find- heading down tomorrow see if I can get one - thanks
I seen these along with the pillow pets but they were considerably smaller and had a big uncomfortable looking plastic panel on the back. What's it for? Didn't get a decent look
Thanks! Got my boy one just now, he'll love it :-)
I'm sending my sister on a hunt for these. Just wish we had a home bargains in Cambridge
can someone tell me what the difference is between normal and dream light? TIA x
This one isn't a pillow. It lights the room with star looking lights. The turtles one has one of the turtles as a light too.
It's not designed to be a pillow at all I don't think. I guess people get confused as the brand is pillow pets.
Non in Cramlington NE
finally got one today, hurray
Plenty of both in Barnsley store :-)
Had lots in hemsworth today
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