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Pilotwings 64 joins the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service from 13 October

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Just announced overnight, the next N64 game to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online service (for Expansion Pack subscribers) will be amateur flight simulator Pilotwings 64. The game arrives on the service 13 October (note, this is unlikely to be at midnight, but later in the day).…072

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    Loved this game so many memories!
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    Aw man, I loved this game!
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    Can't believe people are actually lapping up Nintendo's business model of drip feeding old games via a rental service.
    Truth. At least VC on Wii and WiiU you owned them, never afraid of them being 'switched off'.
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    Honestly say I never bought or played, which goes for mario 64 too. Odd because I had N64 early enough. Might need to have a crack on kids switch esp as 007 due soon too
    Never played Mario? BEST GAME EVER
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    Ahh. The N64 game. Ran at about 15fps and was still a joy to play.
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    the official trailer is quite amusing
    Yeah that's pretty amusing what a trailer 👏
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    I still have my N64 lol
    Me too, and a copy of pilotwings 64!
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    When is goldeneye coming out??😫
    Prob never due to licensing
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    I loved this game, will be interested to see if it holds my attention when it arrives.
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    I wish we got a list of all the games releasing and in order. I hate this drip feed. I know they want to keep the service alive financially but this is really tedious.
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    loved this game. the freeroam birdman mode was so relaxing.
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    Where's the deal?
    No idea.
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