Pilsner Urquel - Best beer in the world - £1.50 instore @ Asda

Pilsner Urquel - Best beer in the world - £1.50 instore @ Asda

LocalFound 2nd Sep 2017
Pilsner Urquel, on offer in Asda. It is in my opinion the best beer in the world.
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I agree, best beer in czech republic
What bottle is this ?
0.330, 0.500 or 0.660 ?
500ml in the picture
Probably the best beer in the world, of course every one is an individual and what tastes heavenly to one might be yuk to another.
LesD8 h, 30 m ago

Looks like the regular price to …Looks like the regular price to me................https://groceries.asda.com/product/view-all-world-beer/pilsner-urquell-lager/910001995819

Trust me, it's not their regular price. I know what I talking about...
All the beers I drank in Prague were great....but bought them in the uk and the usa and they never taste as good
These bottles work out slightly cheaper if you buy 4 or more at Tesco and get 20% off the starting price of £1.86.
Unless their 4 for 3 offer has now ended, I think the best current price for these bottles is in M&S.

The bottles are £1.85 each, so 4 for £5.55 = £1.39 each.
If you want to stock up on this pilsner, there's a good deal on at Majestic Wine at the moment.

They have packs of 24 x 330ml bottles for £24.00. If you buy 5 packs you qualify for free delivery and you can use the £10 off code WE1L5SEP17 to bring the price down to £110 for 120 bottles. That works out at £1.39 per 500ml bottle delivered.

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