Pimms 1ltr £10 @ Morrisons...must be summer!

Pimms 1ltr £10 @ Morrisons...must be summer!

Found 12th May 2014
Deals like this normally starts the summer of rain.....

The Pimms Blackberry and Elderflower is also £10 instore but cant find it online.
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Love the Blackberry one, will pick some up tomorrow, thanks!
Thanks! Just stocked up for the summer..... :-)
Plenty in stock at my local. Last year went back on 3 occasions and they had none. Get it while it lasts.
It worked! The heavens have just opened in South west London!!! But I have tried the blackberry one.. I'm impressed!
No rain here yet...but I'll be be getting a bottle tomorrow! Great price. Thank you!
great, thank you
Still got 3 bottles left from last year when it was £10..... might get a couple more at this price a pray for a summer to sit out and drink it.
good price for pimms. also worth trying the aldi version 'austins' for comparison (5.99 i think at the moment) if you want a cheaper fruit cup
I tried Austin's last night and would be hard pushed to tell the difference! Lower alcohol content but then again, it's only 5.99 for a litre!
alright rude. still a good deal.
Excellent price. Only an idiot would buy cheap alternatives when you can pick up the real thing at this price
got my 4 :-)
Thats optimistic for hot weather!!! ;-)
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