Pimm's No 1 Cup 1L, was £16 now £10 at ASDA (in-store and online)

Pimm's No 1 Cup 1L, was £16 now £10 at ASDA (in-store and online)




Good deal shame the other flavours are not on offer
The original and the best! Glad I came on here before going shopping later as Waitrose have it for £12 on offer but obviously this is a better deal! Thanks OP
Drunk quite a bit of this recently. Mixed with 7 Up and add some Lidl etc frozen strawberry's and ice. Keeps it chilled longer. started adding fresh strawberry's recently due to price drop.. Also add some mint leaves from the garden.
Hounslow still got it marked up as £16 went to casher and it rang up as £16 when I showed them online price on area website reply was offers finished order it on line. Geat customer service
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Sounds like Wimbledon is a coming.
Just been into Morrison's near my work (Doncaster) and they now have the same deal. They also have a little 'Pimms Pack' with strawberries, cucumber, orange and mint, £2 or 2 for £3.
£9 at my local Asda (Thurmaston, Leicester)
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