Pimm's now £10 in Morrisons

Pimm's now £10 in Morrisons

Found 31st May 2010
Went into Morrisons in Enfield, London this afternoon and behold Pimm's at £10 for a litre bottle was in Tesco's down the road and the price was £15.

It's good to shop around.

Seems to be a instore offer


Bit like marmite this one, you either love it or hate it - excellent price for a litre head added

ohhhh...i love Pimms and i gonna run down there tomorrow morning..thamnks for the heads up.x


Seems to be a instore offer

Morrisons don't do online shopping

Original Poster


Morrisons don't do online shopping

Not yet..........:whistling:

Heat, be an even better deal once the weather makes its mind up

Ok, now just need a supermarket I live near to buck their ideas up....

i bought 1L from Sainsburys on Saturday for £15ish. And THAT was 20% off RRP. I knew they would get cheaper - but this is a steal! =)

Perfect summer drink! Can't go wrong for a tenner.

Heat added --and rep for the advert --that dude in the green who parachutes is a genius .

Great drink, great price heat from me too - just shame we don't have a Morrisons locally

Waiting for £10 a bottle! :)bought three, should last the summer. Thanks op:)

We've got it on draught at work - its ace heat added

Aldi do a similar version for £4.99, just as nice, but this is a great deal none the less, have some heat

It's been advertised on telly too. £19.odd down to £10

Got one of these... perfect for the weather
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