This deal expires on 16 June 2024 at 21:59
Posted 16 May 2024

Pinball FX: Super League Football DLC - Free to keep during 30 days on PC (Steam/Epic Games) and 7 days on PS5 & PS4, Xbox & Nintendo Switch

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About this deal

Super League Football DLC (for Pinball FX free game) will be free of charge on all platforms upon release!

Download during the free period and keep it forever!

The free period will last :

➡️ 7 days on :

➡️ 30 days on :

Guide your football team in their quest to become Super League Champions.


  • Zen Studios F.C. is ready for victory! Guide your team of players sporting developer likenesses
  • Launch your attack and score on the mini-playfield
  • Master player skills in several different multiball modes each tied to must-have talents in football
  • Fill your trophy cabinet with your progress saved between games
  • Reach the Golden Goal Wizard Mode and shoot for stellar scores
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  1. HisDudeness's avatar
    Thanks so much. Is this available to download right now?
    Yvan_Dureve's avatar
    It is
  2. hc4eva's avatar
    Bring back Pinball Dreams and Fantasies!
    quackstar84's avatar
    Top tune 👌
  3. StAmFoRdLiOn's avatar
    Cheers for this
  4. BMR's avatar
    This is a pretty good free table, the update also adds xp and leveling similar to pinball M, there is also a new pack of tables, Knight rider, Xena and Battlestar Galactica!
  5. Alan_Parkinson's avatar
    That's the old Liverpool table from FX2, just reskinned and updated.
  6. durutti's avatar
    cheers! although I had to start the platform first!
  7. francis247uk's avatar
    Came to post this, beat me to it OP, well done! Nice little freebie
  8. russ2606's avatar
    Hi all, daft question but does this install after you have installed the main game ?
    BMR's avatar
    Yes it does on Xbox, install main game then on the table menu it should have the download options
  9. ppsie's avatar
  10. quackstar84's avatar
    Cheers for this. I've been playing a good amount of pinball lately
  11. mcewan's avatar
    Ps website seems not to like it...
  12. Bambino's avatar
    Annoying frame rate drops on switch, lose so many balls, same for others?
  13. mdubs's avatar
    Pity the other tables from fx/fx2/fx3 which you may have bought in the past arent transferable, no way I'm buying again. (edited)
    roger.bottoms's avatar
    Agreed, or rather A-greedy, which is what Zen Studios are...hardly any deals on Pinball FX tables for Xbox in the last 2 years either, they deserve to fail.
  14. Et68u's avatar
    Free for 30 days is not free.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Yes it is You have 30 days to claim it for free… that’s the deal
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