PINE 4 DRAWER SLIM UNIT NEW £15.98 delivered at Argos(ebay)

PINE 4 DRAWER SLIM UNIT NEW £15.98 delivered at Argos(ebay)

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Found 22nd May 2011
Seems like a bargain delivered. Similar ones are twice as much instore.


we have these as bedside cabinets! cheap but strong.

are they tiny? 60cm high?!

I have these in the three drawer version, got my bro who is french polisher to stain them same colour as laminate floor and look lovely. Mine is bigger at 90cms so i think the ones posted will be quite small but ok as bedside cabinets.

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are they tiny? 60cm high?!

I cant see them being 60cms high when they are 20cms across, the picture wouldnt look right.

I have one here they are very small and you can't get sod all in them, I just use it to put my letters in .

Reviews say perfect for bathroom...I think that confirms the small size

think the bricks in the picture are small to make the unit look bigger, saw these earlier via anoother site but was put off by the 60cm high, as philmitchell cannot get a lot in,

9.99 at argos clearance walsall

i think ours have 5 drawers...i get my clock on top and use the drawers for bobbles and make-up..bits and bobs. Fine for what we have them for, as we dont have much room at the side of the bed. Theyre very solid for the price..i thought they may be unstable but even on our carpet theyre fine.

I have this in our bathroom, it is very small. You can't get alot in each drawer at all. Good for bathroom bits and bobs though :-)

Ended listing.

it looks good!
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